Sunday, September 12, 2010


Friday night started vacation #1 for me this year.  I don't have to work again until Saturday.  Friday was also the start of our resident's retreat in Kohler, WI.  We all went camping on Friday night and then spent some quality time mucking around in the woods on a rainy, cold Saturday.  It was fun to get to talk to everyone, but the bummer was my semi-runny nose is now a full blown URI and I've got a big week ahead:


So you ask yourself, Why?  I'm doing it for my cousin - his birthday is tomorrow and he and his wife are going out of town.  I've taken care of the kids before.  They are M-age 10, H-soon to be 8, E- 6, L- 5, A-4 and P-3.  This will be the longest stretch and I'll be solo.  Thank God that school has started so many of them will be in school all day.  The younger ones I can handle ok.  I've got some projects planned including H-dog learning how to knit.  I'll post pictures of her and her progress.  I want to get her a knitting kit of her own but not sure if I'll have time.  I'll get some other projects together for the younger ones too.

Bry will be able to take me there tonight and come pick me up on Wednesday.

I'll try to give some updates along the way - if I can find the time.  Wish me luck!


  1. She is NOT 3 yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont even talk that way!!!!!!! we have a whole month before that happens!!!!!

  2. It's funny because you have to watch the kids and I don't. The simple pleasures of life in Texas. Have fun, Cousin Abi. Be nice to them.