Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's nice to be in the holiday spirit again.  We've already gotten to the family visiting part too as my sister, Emily, has arrived from Texas.  We decorated the tree, went shopping and wrapped presents yesterday.  Today we plan to do more of the same before I have to go to work.  Then she's leaving for a few days to Michigan and we'll be here, still working.

Bry is hoping there isn't any snow anytime soon.  He's rather crabby about it too - something about working outside and needing to be able to see the road and markers.  Abi CANNOT WAIT for snow - we both have new snow tires and Abi has a new windshield wiper and feels very prepared.  It's just been rather drab and grey around here.  (However, Emily and Abi did get to eat Kopp's custard whilst sitting outside on the steps - it was 41 degrees out - we're so Wisconsinites!)

I life news, I passed my Step 3 and now have a Wisconsin State License waiting for me somewhere between here and Madison.  Ah the hoops I've jumped through for that.  It does feel rather nice, though.  I also finished with the MICU - last in-hospital rotation ever.  I am very happy to say that I will be in the ED for the next six months - better schedule, better life, better work - better.