Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally Photographed

 I am finally getting around to photographing and posting some long finished projects, as well as a few new ones and one work-in-progress.
Three Button Hat
based on the pattern Robin's Egg Hat by Rachel Iufer.  I modified it a little bit.  I haven't worn it yet but it will make it into the hat rotation for these last (hopefully few) weeks of winter.  The buttons are from a selection of buttons I bought at an antique store.

 Not sure if I already posted this, but this was my first attempt at sewing - a little too ambitious probably.  But I like it anyways.
 I posted about this sweater a little while ago.  I LOVE how it turned out.  The yarn is ShiBui Knits yarn that I bought in Portland. This weekend I tried out a new yarn store in Milwaukee, Ruhama's where I made the fortunate discovery that they stock A TON of ShiBui yarn.  This discovery, along with their other amazing offerings, were unfortunate for our bank account.  I actually only bought ONE skein of yarn - to make a scarf for my good High School friend, Abby.  She watched me aimlessly bouncing back and forth between the aisles and was probably a little concerned for how crazy I get in the presence of that much amazing yarn.  Happily, she asked me to show her how to knit - her first attempt looked very promising - it couldn't hurt that she was knitting with some incredible Manos del Uruguay wool in a lovely color scheme - purples and yellows. 

 Easter Dress
Here is a preview of the finished dress I made for my niece, possibly for Easter.  I'm not too sure of my sizing - it may be way too big for her.  But at least it's pretty.  My mom helped me with most of it and I finished it up just yesterday.  I am trying to hold back from starting another little dress project - but I've been so inspired by Alicia Paulson's Blog where she makes adorable, simple dressed and matches them with some cute knitted sweaters and vests.  I have a ton of ideas waiting to be out, Liza.

This is a preview of the sweet cotton sweater that will go with the dress.  I also have some tights for it and will be knitting little slippers as well.  The sweater pattern is another Bergere de France pattern from pamphlet No 156.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Eco Baby.  

As for life, Bry and I had a terrific weekend with Abby and Mike - fun at the Bucks game and at dinner beforehand.  We also hit some bars downtown afterward - pretty crowded given that it was snowing and cold out that night.  We played some Ticket to Ride as well and had a lot of laughs.

Can't believe March is already here.  Bry will begin celebrating his "birth month" on Tuesday so I am bracing for that.  I transition to Pediatric ER on Tuesday so I only have one more day of delivering babies to go.  

Have a great start to March.  Lion or Lamb?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cancun Take 2

 A view of the Resort.  Gran Caribe Real Resort.

 This is a magical drink known as a Beachcomber.
This is probably how Bry saw me most often......Beachcomber in hand.

I have a feeling these photos will incite jealousy and rage seeing as Wisconsin has recently been hit again with some snow.... but at least Bry and I have healed from our sunburns.

I am busy finishing up some knitting projects - one sweater and a few hats are done.  My other projects are some Save the Dates and a Bridal Shower Invitation that I'm working on - will post those on the apannounces page when they're done.

This little cutie is the daughter of an Anesthesia Resident I am working with.  She needed a smaller sized hat since this baby's noggin is a little bit smaller - and this hat was done in less than 2 hours.  Turned out super cute - and she's a doll too.  Thanks for the photos, Stacy!

Almost done with Labor and Delivery.  Did a solo delivery yesterday which was really neat (solo meaning I was the only one catching the baby and everything!) and I think I'm going to miss this rotation a little bit.  I liked OB/Gyn as a student, and considered it for a career, but realized I would miss my old guys and the kids too.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Milwaukee Mexican Restaurant Countdown Take 2

This is a continuation of my Mexican Restaurant Reviews for the Milwaukee area.  The first review can be found here.  This post is partly making me nervous for how many restaurants I've been to, and partly making me very hungry for some Mexican!!

11. El Matador.  Truth be told, I haven't been to this restaurant in years, not since I first moved to Milwaukee.  I went with Grandma and Grandpa Schneider.  I don't remember much about it but know that it is popular with some of the Froedtert crowd.  Will have to try it out again with Bry.

12. Burrito Bueno.  No link for this one.  I ordered take-out here when I was on-call at St. Joe's hospital.  I remember that they looked at me like I was crazy when I walked in there at 9pm in my scrubs, but anyone who can feed us good Mexican at 9pm is a winner in my book.  Not too much English spoken here.  The food was good, hot and ready when I came to pick it up.  Not sure if we'll get up there to eat again anytime soon.

13.  Jose's Blue Sombrero.  Been here twice. The first time Bry and I went on a date and I had the tableside guac (good) and the fish tacos.  The tacos themselves were tasty - but they put on a sauce that had fake smoke flavoring in it - I had to take it off of the tacos completely and I didn't really like it.  The second time I went with a friend and had the margaritas (good) - not sure about the entree.  I do recall enjoying their salsa and chips though.

14. Mi Cocina - there are a few locations for Mi Cocina - one in Brookfiled and one in New Berlin.  Been to both multiple times.  Love love love this place - everyone is happy when we go there.  Margaritas are good, and I especially enjoy their specials.  I try different things here - moles and the beans are very good.  They make some MONSTER burritos that my dad and brother like - more than enough for 2 meals.  They are owned by the same people as

15. Senor Luna. I've only been to the one in Grafton.  That one had a small dining area and I don't think I had margaritas that time.  To be fair, it was a while ago and I don't remember a whole lot from the trip.  Guess I'll have to go again!

16. La Estacion. This restaurant is in an old train station and even has train cars that you can eat in or book for groups!  Super fun place.  Very good food - excellent Margaritas.  I went here first for an interview night and had the mole chicken.  I'm sure Bry had an enchilada, per usual.  Good chips and salsas, decent prices.  If you can navigate downtown Waukesha this is a good restaurant.

17. La Fuente Bluemound Road This is a great addition to the Wauwatosa restaurant scene.  They have re-done the old Frank Monreal's place that used to be here.  There are 2 huge dining areas and a large bar area.  The dining room area has 2 fountains - the kids love it.  We went here with some friends and dinner was complicated by lots of spills from the boys, and time outs to check out the fountains.  The food was good and we split some margaritas.  We will be going back here.

18. Mi Suenas: A new West Allis addition within walking distance of our apartment!  This was opened by a former employee of Frank Monreal's.  We went the first week they were open (Jan 2011) and had an excellent dinner. The atmosphere is very nice and there is a large dining area.  The 'ritas were SUPER strong (a plus in our book) and they had 3 kinds of salsa to try. The salsas weren't very spicy at all but the green salsa was very tasty.  Our food was excellent.  I had fish tacos again and they were awesome.  Bry had a combination plate.  There were some (sick, sad) souls there who ordered hamburgers and fries as they have an American Food section on their menu as well.  TRY THEM OUT!!! 7335 W Greenfield Ave in West Allis.

I know I should probably have 20 posts but I need to dig around and make sure I don't duplicate any.  I've got some more places to check out - let me know if you have any suggestions.

Update: On the previous post I wrote about our little neighborhood haunt Las Fajitas in West Allis.  Well they had a fire in the kitchen back in December and they are still closed.  We are very sad as we liked to go there right before/after church. 

Also - this weekend we're going to Michigan to visit Abi's parents.  When we get back there should be some new knitting pics as Abi plans to do some serious knitting in the car.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mexican Get Away

 Enjoy these photos of the sunglasses - both pairs were soon to be lost.  One to the depths of the ocean, the other to wherever-the-heck-Bry's-phone-went.

 Friends and Family of Bry - have you EVER seen him reading a book like this??  I haven't - not in our 4 years together. 
This was basically what our day consisted of:
1. Wake Up
2. Go to Spinning Class with Daniel "Aribe!!"
3. Get showered
4. Go to buffet breakfast.  Order Mimosas.
5. Change into swimming gear.
6. Pick out beach chair.  Get drinks from bar.
7. Read/Knit/Drink
8. Go for a dip in the ocean.  Listen for whistles signaling sharks or rough waters (recent shark attack nearby......eerie)
9. Get back in chair.   Get another drink.
10.  Think about applying sunblock. 
11. Get lunch - usually buffet. With margaritas.
12. Find another beach chair.  Get another drink.
13. Watch the funny games at the pool.
14. Go inside, shower, relax, watch some !!CABLE!!!
15. Walk around, go to the bar.  Get another drink.
16.  Figure out where dinner is - buffet or sushi or a fancier restaurant.
17. Eat those yummy peanut things at the bar.
18.  Go to dinner. With wine.
19. Go to a show - with drinks.  Good selection of shows, very talented dancers.
20.  Go to bed.
21.  Repeat.

To be fair, we probably left out a few drinks........

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

This little sweetie knit up in less than 2 hours for my niece, Liza.  I figured she needed a sweet hat for her first V-Day.  She even got a Valentine in the mail.  I knit this free pattern from Susan B. Anderson and posted it on the Ravelry Itty Bitty Knits group.   
Now I just need a photo of L wearing the hat and we're all set!

What are WE doing for V-day?  N-O-T-H-I-N-G.  That's what we've always done.  In the 4 years we've been together we have NEVER done something for V-day, but we have only missed 1 Superbowl together!  (Am I the best wife or what?)  My favorite favorite V-day was our first one - I bought Bry tootsie rolls and he sent me a dozen roses.  I was so excited - I had my siblings TEXT me at school when the mail came.  It was my first V-day in a couple and Bry fully spoiled me.  

This year I am having a very romantic Valentine's Day Dinner with one of my best friends from Med School - Katie G.  Goose and I will be dining at a fine Milwaukee establishment, likely without Bry.  She's in town visiting from Portland (go to my November 2010 posts for more about Portland) and since we don't have plans V-day is set aside for her.

What are your plans?  If I don't get at least one comment I will be very put off.  Emily......come on.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Here is a re-cap from our Superbowl Celebration.

FYI - The Packers Won!!! (I know we're a week behind, but some people may have been living under rocks and not heard the news yet....)

We had a blast at Bob and Laura's house with their friends (with whom we've now hung out with a bunch of times) and with Erik and Amy.

The guys were so funny to watch - they couldn't sit still.  And as we all know the game was a true nail biter.  There were mixed feelings about the half-time show, however this Blogger may have just downloaded the entire BEP album and is intending to use it for motivational music.

The next post will be all about Mexico - now that I've had some time to recover from the trip. Worst. traveling. ever.  OMG.

To be continued......
 The full display.  I thought it looked pretty good and they were a huge hit.

 Amy, Erik, Bry
 Ben and Bob yelling at the neighbors after the win.  Everyone driving by was honking too.

 Poor Aaron Rodgers.  Being MVP doesn't prevent people from eating you.

 You can't see them too well but this is the group of boys (including Bry) who ran down the street and to the nearest bar to take some celebratory shots of Goldschlager.  They went ill prepared and Bry had to get to an ATM to pay for them!  But at least they had fun.
On the way home Bry made me drive down the main drag in West Allis - past all the bars - so we could honk and shout and celebrate with everyone.  The energy was amazing.  We didn't go downtown (but thought about it) since our wake up was at 4:30 the next morning.  What a good way to start vacation!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl Preparations

Go Pack Go!!!
This is my Aaron Rogers cake in celebration of the Superbowl!