Sunday, August 28, 2011

Target Field

 Free Pork products!

 1991 World Series 20th Anniversary Reunion

This is a very happy man right here.  He would have been even happier had the Twins won.  In fact, they have lost the last 7 games that he's seen.  (If you're wondering, Bry figured it out and the odds of that happening are 1/128.... you were wondering, weren't you?)  He finally got to see his Mecca - complete with the 1991 World Series Team Reunion (very cool).  

Oh, and Joe Mauer, sorry we missed you this time - we didn't get your text until after the game.  Next time we'd LOVE to grab drinks and sit in the dugout with you - it wouldn't be a bother at all.


Just finished a week of vacation.  We get 3 weeks per year - normally I request vacation in the winter months so that Bry can join me.  This one turned out ok - one of the most beautiful weeks of the entire summer and it was all mine!  I crammed in a lot of knitting, biking, sleeping, friends, family and baseball.  Also a lot of house cleaning, starting with us steam cleaning our entire apartment.  It's amazing how much better I feel with a clean house! 

The first oder of business was a trip to Tomah to visit my cousins - Dave, Heide and the kids.  We went on an awesome bike ride on the Elroy-Sparta trail.

 Getting started.

 Teaching my God-Daughter, Pearl (3) how to pee in the woods. 

 Our friend, Jenn and her girls joined us too.  Finley loved the bike carrier.

I spent a few days in Tomah playing with the kids and helping Heide with some stuff around their new house.  We also enjoyed lots of games of Ticket to Ride after the kids went to bed.

I came home to help Bry mourn the end of summer softball season.  We had a lot of fun this summer with both his Church league and with his Elm Grove team, Dickens.  Now I might actually have to start cooking dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Thursday I met up with Jesse and Lindsay and took Lucas to the park.  He's all about running around and going down (and up!) slides.  He's quite a little bruiser.

 He LOVED his ice cream.  He would scream when we took it away - too funny. 

We finished the week up with a visit from friends Abby and Mike from Michigan.  We had an awesome day with a Miller Brewery Tour, hours of Tailgating and a Brewer's game (they won and looked really good!)  It was super fun.  We finished today with going to OUR church (that makes 2 weeks in a row!), lunch at Sobelman's and a day lounging on the couch complete with a nap and episodes of The Office.  A pretty good end to my first vacation.  (My next vacation is not until March - we're thinking of a trip to China.....)

Have a good week!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy First Birthday!

Can you believe it's been a year since my niece and nephew were born?  You can find those posts here.
Well they are both walking, talking, mess making machines, although I think the boy has the girl beat in the mess department.

 Birthday Hat by Susan B. Anderson
from Itty Bitty Hats

Bry and I have really enjoyed being Aunt and Uncle this past year.  We have had a bunch of fun buying them gifts and playing with them.  We look forward to watching them grow even more. 

I will have to get some photos of the nephew's party - I had to work so I couldn't be there.

Next up will be a post about our first trip to Target Field - also very exciting!