Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1

Well it's day ONE and I'm still alive.  So are all the kids and the stupid dog too.  In fact, it's naptime and I've got a whole hour before the big kids get home.  Everyone was at school on time, dressed, hair combed, breakfasted and prepared - actually I'm not sure they were all prepared but they all had backpacks.

P and A and I spent the morning playing in the backyard after chasing Stupid Dog 3 blocks when they let him out the door.  Arrgh.  Thanks to the neighbor for watching the kids while I tackled the dog.

I've been knitting too.  Heide will be mad that I'm not scrapbooking for her, but I've finished one item for today already: Lucas's Christmas Vest.

I realized that I made the arm holes a little too small, but I still think it will be cute with a white button-down shirt underneath.
I love the cabled sides - at first I thought cables were too fussy but I LOVE how they look and this easy cable turned out to go really quickly.
I like to play with necklines and this one turned out pretty cute.

I am going to work on the yarn I've brought with me to get some other projects done too.

Only 40 minutes until school gets out.......


  1. Ah, Stupid Dog. I've missed him because he's the only one who actually likes me.

    I love the Christmas sweater - please tell me you're knitting a matching one for Jesse. That would be adorable. I'll see you in two days. Please survive.

  2. I love the sweater. I hope you make Jesse a matching vest.-Lindsey