Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's nice to be in the holiday spirit again.  We've already gotten to the family visiting part too as my sister, Emily, has arrived from Texas.  We decorated the tree, went shopping and wrapped presents yesterday.  Today we plan to do more of the same before I have to go to work.  Then she's leaving for a few days to Michigan and we'll be here, still working.

Bry is hoping there isn't any snow anytime soon.  He's rather crabby about it too - something about working outside and needing to be able to see the road and markers.  Abi CANNOT WAIT for snow - we both have new snow tires and Abi has a new windshield wiper and feels very prepared.  It's just been rather drab and grey around here.  (However, Emily and Abi did get to eat Kopp's custard whilst sitting outside on the steps - it was 41 degrees out - we're so Wisconsinites!)

I life news, I passed my Step 3 and now have a Wisconsin State License waiting for me somewhere between here and Madison.  Ah the hoops I've jumped through for that.  It does feel rather nice, though.  I also finished with the MICU - last in-hospital rotation ever.  I am very happy to say that I will be in the ED for the next six months - better schedule, better life, better work - better.

Monday, November 28, 2011

San Fracisco, CA

Well I've been pretty AWOL lately.  Stuck in the windowless pit that is the Medical ICU.  It has been a busy month with lots of sick people to take care of.  Lots of hours, not very many days off at all.
So I'll try to summarize what we've been up to since our camping trip.....first up is my trip to San Francisco.

Every year my residency program sends the 2nd year residents to the ACEP Conference.  ACEP is American College of Emergency Physicians.  They host a conference with tons of speakers giving lectures on various topics, as well as a time for other residents to meet, physicians to catch up with one another and of course, for some fun.  There were thousands of EM physicians in town for the convention - we felt pretty safe in the event of an emergency!  I went with my residency classmates - there are 9 of us total.  There is only 1 other girl in my class and she brought her husband along so I was let with a choice of 7 guys for my roommate - and I let Bry pick.  He picked my good friend Matt and we had a terrific time.  (I was sad that Bry couldn't be there, let it be noted.)

We left on a Friday, right after I got done working the night shift which was not the best timing for me.  Even so it was a really fun trip and I learned a lot too at the conference.  I also really enjoyed getting to spend time with my classmates and getting to know them better.
 I LOVED the Sea Lions.  I must have spent over an hour watching them.  Pier 39 has tons of shops and restaurants too.  When we planned this trip we didn't realize the Brewers would be in the playoffs and thus we had to schedule our travels around finding a bar who would put the game on for us!
 We took a boat ride around the Bay.  Unbeknownst to us we happened to be in San Fran on the nicest days of the year - it was almost 70, sunny and just beautiful.  The boat trip was a great quick deal for us to get to see the Golden Gate Bridge and to tour around Alcatraz - although we didn't actually get onto the Rock.
 Looking back at San Francisco - very pretty
The next day we spent some time walking around the city.  They aren't joking about the hills there - holy cow.  Luckily I had some flats along because we ended up doing quite a bit of hiking, including walking UP Hyde Street (super steep) to the top of Lombard Ave - the curviest street in the world.

 We also got to try some of the terrific foods in the city.  From Sushi to Fish Sandwich to Clam Chowder and Sourdough, to Denny's at 4am.  It was an awesome trip.

 Me with Eric and Matt on the Cable Cars.
 Eric, Bob, Matt, Abi, Joe, Chris, Erik, John
 Abi and Matt at the beach - Golden Gate in the background.
 Chinatown - yep, that's Geoduck, nope we didn't try it!
 The Lanterns in Chinatown.
Another top meal in my life - a Chinese smorgasbord in Chinatown at Z and Y Restaurant.

The trip was a lot of fun.  As usual I'd love to go back (and take Bry with) and do it all over again plus more!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Camping 2011

A free weekend is not something we like to waste.  We discussed many options (Chicago, Door County, Michigan, etc) before settling on camping in Blue Mound State Park just west of Madison, WI.  The campground was cheap, easy to get to, and had access to the Military Ridge Bike Trail.

 At the campground with the Kia fully loaded.
 The fall colors were amazing.

 Why does this always look so easy on TV?

 Most dinners were made on our newly acquired Hobo Pie maker.  Pretty good!

 Sometimes I feel that these are the signs running through my head on a daily basis!

 This was taken at our turn around point - about 10 miles from the campground.
 Overlooking the valley from the top of Blue Mound.

 Gorgeous fall colors.