Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010

Lots of things are going to happen this year, and Bry and I are trying to figure out where we're headed and where we need to go.

Bry is struggling with work right now. Despite his new (polarbear-grade) boots, being on a river in December stinks, and next week they're losing the boat and are going to be WALKING on the frozen river --- with a rope tied around their waists! I think he's hoping that 2010 is a little bit more settled - he'll be returning to Watertown in April.

Tonight we're heading up to Green Bay for a NYE party with some of Bry's High School friends. They are having a white elephant gift exchange - and we've got some amazing gifts to give! We haven't seen a lot of these friends for a while now, so this should be fun.

January 2 Abi is heading to MI for a few days with Grandpa Schneider and Emily. I'll head back on Tuesday and get ready for my last interview on Friday. Friday night we're having our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (UCSP '09) so I've got to shop for an outfit for Bry since this is the first one he'll be able to make it to.

The rest of January I plan on relaxing, packing and preparing for my trip. A week in Tomah is likely going to happen, and we're going to Minnesota too.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas List

Baking cookies - check. Beth and Alex came over and we made countless dozen cookies - four different kinds! Most are hidden in the freezer, but don't tell Bry or Jesse.

Wrapping presents - check. I think I have most of them wrapped and under the tree. No more should be needed....but I keep an open mind.

Tree - check. This one is easy. We have a 24" tree that is pre-lighted and about 15 sad ornaments hanging on it. That's about it.

Christmas music - mom, Bry is also a fan of Mannheim Steamroller and I am being subjected to listening to Christmas music. Every morning he changes the radio station in our room to a Christmas station and turns up the volume so that it blasts Christmas music.

Snow - a disappointing amount is on the ground, and it already looks crusty and dirty. We'll have to work on that before the 25th.

Christmas movies - Elf has been viewed in part at least twice so far. I watched some Sense and Sensibility by myself one day and think it may be time for a 6 hour Pride and Prejudice marathon soon. If only I had "Little Women" on dvd.....

House cleaning - about to happen tomorrow. Along with a Jillian workout to make up for the cookie baking/eating.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 2009

Well our Christmas cards are in the mail. No letter this year, Bry and I couldn't decide what to write. So I'll post what I was going to write on here.


6.24 Beth and Kiah Smith (friends)

7.4 Tadeo and Crystal Balderrama (friends)

10.9 Andy and Klare Mueller (cousin)

10.24 Ted and Laura Lenard (cousin)


7.24 Ralph Polzin, Grandfather of Bryant, passes away at the age of 74. He is survived by his wife, Sandy.


2.24 Addison Scholtes, daughter of friends Bryan and Kelly Scholtes of Indianapolis, IN

11.16 Andrew Nolte, son of friends Mark and Amy Nolte of Howards Grove, WI.


9.16-29 Abigail and Grandpa Schneider traveled to Sweden, Germany and Denmark. They visited with many dear friends (Gisls, Brands, Reuters and Blyhles) and had many grand adventures on the autobahn.

Upcoming: 2.1-3.1 2010 Abigail will be working in Philippine General Hospital in Manila, Philippines. She will be joined by Bryant during the last week for a tour of Manila and Seoul, South Korea.

They will be celebrating almost 2 years of marriage with a trip to the island of Boracay.


6.14 Bryant and Abigail’s first wedding anniversary. They celebrated with friends Carolyn and Aaron on a Lake Michigan sailing excursion.


Bryant began work for K. Singh & Associates on June 15, 2009. He works as an engineer in training and is currently working on a Hwy. 26 bypass around Watertown, WI. He enjoys his work and doesn’t mind the long drives.

Abigail has applied to 7 programs for a Family Medicine residency. She has been very busy with interviews, testing and decision making. In February of 2010 she will need to have her rank list ready, stating her preferences for residency. She will be matched to a program on March, 18 2010. She will complete her studies at the Medical College of Wisconsin on May 21, 2010. A ceremony will be held that day, with celebration to follow on May 22.


8.24 Thomas Schneider was recognized for his 25th year in the ministry. He continues to serve as a teacher at Michigan Lutheran High School. A surprise party commemorated the occasion in St. Joseph, MI.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Google Boracay. It is an island in the Philippines known for having the #7 top beach in the world. It's small, only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. AND WE'RE GOING THERE!!!!

Bry will be joining me in Manila on Feb 22. We'll leave for Boracay on the 25/26. We'll stay there until the 28th.

We're thinking about staying at Dave's Straw Hat Inn, enjoying the beaches and going snorkeling.

This is a popular tourist destination and should be a lot of fun!

Other news in our lives is not as exciting. Bry is still working long hours, Abi is enjoying 4th year immensely. She is done with her December rotation on the 23rd - she'll be off of "real work" until she gets back from the Philippines on March 1!