Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucas 6 Weeks

Lucas came to visit yesterday and I still had my (stolen) photography backdrops available so guess what.....photo shoot!  He came complete with some fall outfits, and a new bib from Uncle Bry and myself.  Then he and I watched The Office 5th Season and hung out.  He has evidently been a little stinker lately about sleeping so we had a talk about that too.  He has sure plumped up a bit from where he was - there's a double chin there and everything!
Click on the Flickr! photos to the right or watch the display at the top of this blog to see more.  It's back to the grindstone for me, then dinner with some Aunts who are visiting.  And yes, there is only 3 more days until NICU starts.....don't remind me.


  1. Thank you for watching him yesterday I really appreciated it. I love the pictures they are adorable.


  2. My favorite picture is the crying one. I'm glad you're starting him on The Office early - he needs to fit into the family somehow, and right now he's cuter than all of us put together, so there's no resemblance there.

  3. How do we order pictures? I want a couple of those to decorate my apartment.

  4. You can order pictures at Snapfish. I'll send out the links soon.