Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holy Blog Silence, Batman!

Ok - that is the longest break from the blog that I've taken.  And I've got some good excuses.  And some big things going on.  But I'll try to catch up now that we're settled into our new house.

So there's that:  We moved to Sioux Falls, SD.  It still doesn't feel quite real, or HOME, but we are very much liking our new neighborhood and especially our new house.  The change in license plates hit me harder than I thought it would but we are adjusting all the same.

Here are some photos of the house - mostly before the furniture got delivered.  I'll try to take some pretty photos of the furnished and decorated house and get those up sometime in the next few weeks.

 Living Room
 Dining Room
 Guest Bathroom

 Master Bathroom

 Hannah's Room

The Falls - Cousins

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