Sunday, June 27, 2010

Knitting Updates

Since I'll be officially starting work here my knitting may be slowing down.  Luckily I've been making up for it while Bry and I continue our 24 marathon.

I've so far completed 9 sweaters, 6 hats, one pair of Swedish mittens, a couple of scarves and am working on another one.  Plus I've made a few booties too....although no two are the same size!  One of these days I'll just go ahead and complete some of the outfits I've been meaning to.

The newest scarf is a lovely light teal one for my Great-Aunt's 80th birthday (I don't think she checks the blog so it's ok to divulge).  I tried my first lace pattern and it turned out pretty cool.  Then I chatted with a girl at the yarn store who gave me the idea to add some sparkly yarn to the regular yarn for some bling - it's subtle but really pretty.  It's fun to do some mindless knitting after finishing the Swedish mittens - they were pretty intense.

I have been looking at some sweaters to make for myself - we'll see if that happens.  I'm hoping to be able to take some projects along to the next 3 days of orientation that will probably be pretty boring.

I begin my second job as Bry's personal driver tomorrow.  His work was able to find some work for him so at least he won't be sitting at home all day.

That's it for today.  I'm still going to work on taking pictures of the new place - we'll see......

Friday, June 25, 2010


Well we've had some interesting things going on the past couple of weeks so I'll update this old blog for all of you.

Last Saturday, June 19, Bry woke me up by having his first grand mal seizure.  It was pretty bad, and I had to call for an ambulance to take him in.  Luckily we are "known" in the ED and the resident who saw us I had worked with so we got in and out pretty quickly.  Everything was fine as far as labs and CT go, he probably had the seizure because he has been off of his medication for 2 years.  We're not sure why he had one now, but we have to deal with it.  Unfortunately he will not be able to work because he can't drive a car for 90 days from the seizure - September 17.  His work is being very helpful and understanding and they're going to try to find some things for him to do when I can just drop him off at work.  Until then he's going all-out-Milwaukee style and applying for disability!

I started being a real doctor last Monday, June 21.  I had two days of Trauma training and then got to meet all the other residents on Wednesday and Thursday.  I got my schedule for July and I have almost every Saturday off which is a nice luxury.  With Bry being off we'll be able to enjoy some summer activities which will be nice.

I have my first ER shift on Monday, July 5th.  This month I'll be working in both the adult and pediatric emergency rooms which will be interesting.  I haven't worked with kids for 2 years now!  I'll try to keep the blog a little more updated as we continue our busy lives.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you follow us on here, you probably have already seen this throw-back photo, since you're probably on Facebook too!  It was one of the first pictures we ever took - in Bry's room in South Dakota.  (If you notice the dresser in the background -- that's the one that I just re-did!)  It seems like a long time ago
(3 1/2 years) and at the same time it's gone really fast.

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary yesterday.  We talked about the wedding and what we remembered - it was a good time and we still get lots of laughs about it.  We went out to Ryan Braun's Waterfront Restaurant - what a good find!  The prices were decent and the food portions were huge!  We split an awesome entree of grilled shrimp, chicken, pineapple and bacon over onion straws.  I had an awesome grilled pizza and Bry had the special of pork ribs and chicken tenders.  Everything was delicious.
(We will leave the description of our Saturday night stay at Sybaris for a different forum.....this isn't that kind of site!  Although we did have some good stories to tell.....)

We have gone completely alcohol free here, after getting a little blitzed on Sunday.  We had a good time at Great Aunt June's 80th Birthday party - but were definitely feeling the effects on Monday.  So no more alcohol - and no more paying for alcohol and soda at restaurants!  Heide and I realized the other week that for the price of a Diet Coke at Olive Garden ($2.30) we could nearly buy a 12 pack ($3.00 on sale).  So we're a water only pair from here on out.  Hold us to it.

We are enjoying our first week as a solo married couple.  We're also enjoying hosting many guests including David and Heide and my Dad who is coming next week for the Twins v. Brewers head-to-head.

I'm still working on the photos of the new place.  We'll see when.......

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching Up

Right now Bry is catching up on some zzzzz''s not a normal Tuesday that he gets to take a nap in a recliner with Ghost Buster's playing in the background.  And we've been productive today too!  Thanks to the rain Bry got home by 1pm and we ran some errands - including signing up for a Gym membership.  The way I figure it, we only have to go 9 times per month to make it worth it.  We'll see how it goes. 

We have only a few scant boxes left.  Thanks to Emily, most of the unpacking was completed the first week we were here.  I need to take some pictures and get them posted when I have a chance.  Maybe tomorrow.  We still need to get some more furniture - who knew our bigger place would look so bare!  We need a computer desk/filing cabinet so we can be more like grown-ups and have an official filing cabinet.

We also made a stop at the local Farmer's Market.  The West Allis Farmer's Market is held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and is located only 2 blocks from our place.  Today there was a lot less foot traffic due to the rain, but there were a few vendors out.  We got some grass fed pork chops, fresh peas, honey and a tomato plant for my Topsy Turvy.

In other news I've been recruited to help out at church with the new pictorial directory.  That will keep me busy in June/July.  I've been trying to finish up some knitting projects too.  It seems like I have more ideas than time though.  Right now I'm going to go start working on our Farmer's Market dinner so Bry can have some when he wakes up.  Then perhaps a trip to the gym???