Monday, March 18, 2013

10 Months

10 Months have just flown by!  We are enjoying Hannah's new independence - she's on the verge of crawling and insisting on standing/walking whenever possible.  She's eating loads of new foods (including ice cream and chocolate chip cookies!) and making a bigger mess than ever.  She's definitely more vocal now too.  In fact, sometimes too vocal.....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I wanted to buy some cute fabric to make bowties for a friend.  So I went to Patched Works in Elm Grove.  And that was my first mistake.

My friend is due with a baby boy in 5 weeks.  She's a doctor, and her husband is a chemist.  So I asked if they had any dorky science fabric..... look at this quirky and cute Michael Miller print!

Curious Critters by Micheal Miller
Lab Animals in Turquoise
Coordinating binding Atoms in Black.

So I bought a yard of this and a yard of a coordinating print.  I bought blue minky for the back.  Since the print was so perfect I decided not to cut it and just to make a simple quilt.  I used 2 inch tape to mark out my lines and made up my own pattern that just happened to work out perfectly - I got lucky!

There was a little puckering of the minky, but all in all it turned out ok.  I even did my first HAND SEWN BINDING - which was a big deal and did turn out pretty nice (I need to work on the corners though.)  Again, I followed the Oh Fransson tutorials and was pretty happy with the result.  The Mother-to-Be also was quite pleased with it.

I liked this simple quilt.  1 yard of fabric was a perfect baby-sized blanket.  I did it all in about 3 days and would do it again.  I do need to buy some more 2 inch tape before I do another quilt, but it really helps and is super easy.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We took a trip to Minnesota to see friends and family this past weekend.  While there we had a nice stay in Minneapolis at The Depot where there is a water park.  Hannah loves her baths, so we thought she might like the pool....and we were right!  She loved it!  She was fearless and tried floating, kicking and splashing.  Cousins Liza and Larken were less than thrilled with the noise, splashing and activity - but Hannah enjoyed it all.

We had a lovely visit with family and lots of fun.

We have now signed Hannah up for swim lessons starting April 15th - can't wait!