Friday, December 31, 2010


Today we had hoped to be able to post happy news that we were expecting a baby.  However, we are only saddened by the loss of the little person we never met.  We lost our baby at 10 weeks.  Abi had a procedure yesterday which, while uncomfortable and difficult, went well.  Right now we are both very saddened and upset.

It has come to our attention how common miscarriages are.  Many people have reached out to us with their own stories and experiences.  We appreciate all of the support we've received from friends and family, many of whom only found out about the pregnancy just a few days ago.  All of the e-mails and phone calls have been very comforting and we know we have a wonderful support system. 

Right now we are trying to figure out how to act.  We have decided to "get away" from it all and have booked a week long trip to Cancun, Mexico for early February.  We will use that alone time together to regroup and grieve.  Until then we are continuing with life as usual.  Abi starts working in the Emergency Department on Saturday.  Work has been a welcome thought-occupying activity for her.  Bry is continuing to pick up odd winter-time jobs at K. Singh.  Both of our jobs have been very supportive and have been giving us the time off we need.

We pray in the future to have happier news to report.  We know that God has plans for us, and at this time they didn't include a Baby Polzin.  We will happily welcome whatever he has in store for us, even if we don't understand it at the time.

As we celebrate the start of 2011 we both feel like we're beginning with a "clean slate."  We also celebrate the 5 years that we've known each other.  (We met about 5 years ago today in Tucson, AZ).  We have a great marriage and we're thankful for that.  We both have good jobs, a nice home, two cars and whole lot else.  We still reiterate our Christmas Letter (see below) that we're "very excited about 2011."

Picture found here.

polzin christmas card 2010

Pretty boring overall.  A trip to Minnesota for late Christmas.  Abi learned how to knit. Bry traipsed through/across/on the Rock River all month long for work.  Abi turned 26 years old.
Abi moved to the lovely country of Philippines.  She worked in the city of Manila at the Philippine General Hospital.  The entire experience was wonderful – lots of traveling throughout the gorgeous country. Bry came the last week and we took a little “honeymoon” to the island of Palawan. We had a terrific time snorkeling and touring the countryside.
Back to reality.  Bry turned 26 too (9 weeks and 6 days after Abi, you’ll notice).  Abi matched to Emergency Medicine Residency in Milwaukee, WI.  We added a new member to the family – our 2010 Kia Forte who replaced Bry’s Impala.  It was fun driving it off the lot with just 200 miles on it!
Abi went to Texas to visit Emily for her birthday.  She had a great time sightseeing in Fort Worth and visiting with Aunt Judy too.   A trip to Minnesota for Bry’s sister’s baby shower.
Graduation.  Dr. Polzin replaced Mrs. Polzin on May 21, 2010.  The day was celebrated with family and friends.  We always have room for more guests if you’re coming our way!
Made the move - a whole 2 miles to our new, bigger, “residency apartment”.  Note the return address.  We love, love, love the new place.  Celebrated 2 years of marriage with a nice dinner out.
Residency begins.  Mainly working at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee.  We managed to make it to quite a few Brewer’s games this year….don’t mention the Twins series in this house though.  We enjoy the baseball season and LOVE to tailgate.  Hoping to get to new Target Field next year sometime.
Trauma surgery for Abi = No life.  New life, however was all around us – we had a niece, Liza, born on the 11th and a nephew, Lucas, born on the 14th.  We had the privilege of seeing Lucas in the hospital and being present for Liza’s baptism in Minnesota.  Looking forward to fun with them over the holidays.
Abi had a week of vacation and spent it babysitting for her 6 cousins for 3 days.  Bry continued to work out in Watertown, WI on the highway project he’s been working on for the past year.  He really enjoys his job out there.  Sister Emily came to visit to meet Lucas and we had a fun time with her as usual.
We enjoyed the lovely fall weather when we had some free time.  We celebrated the start of football season with a few get togethers. 
Lots of fun on another week of vacation.  We both went to Utah for a fun weekend…..possibly a place to live in the future? Then Bry returned home and Abi continued on to visit friends Katie and Elliot in Portland, OR.   Thanksgiving will be spent with Bry’s mom and sister Beth and her husband, Brandon – niece Liza too. 
We will be celebrating Christmas at our home this year with the Schneider’s.  We are very much looking forward to 2011!  Please be sure to stop in at our blog: for more updates and photos!  God’s Blessings!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Photos

 Beth and Abi
 Bachelorette Party
 Taking Walks
 Chinese New Year in Manila
 Bry and Jason at Josh's Wedding
 New Ring
 Our names on a wall in Fort Worth, Texas
 Niece Liza
 Nephew Lucas
 Brewers Game
 Waterfall in Utah
 Mount Timpanogos, Utah
 New Pillows
 New Car
 New Apartment
 Manila, Philippines
Corrigedor, Philippines

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Liza 3 Months

 such pretty eyes

I bought all of these adorable headbands from They had amazing prices and the products were terrific.  Liza got 12 headbands in super cute colors and 3 flowers.  I would like to make her some more flowers, but I need more project like I need a hole in the head!

 Look at that smile!  She is such a happy little girl!


 Beth (mom) and Liza
 Compare this gorgeous photo with this one from when Liza was 10 days old:
So special.

Isn't she a doll?  We so loved waking up to her during our Thanksgiving weekend.  She is such a sweet baby and all smiles for everyone.  She is a pretty good cuddler too.  She even survived a morning with Uncle Bry while Beth and Abi went Black Friday Shopping!

Knitting Update
Liza managed to model a few of the baby items that I've been making.  I was so happy that they fit her great!

 Blue baby sweater - Susan B. Anderson's design, modified a bit.
 Organic Cotton Sweater - another Susan B. Anderson design from Itty Bitty Nursery.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Decorations

 So Martha Stewart totally took over my body yesterday.  I had a bunch of shopping plans and got a lot done.  I have multiple crafty project going already, but here's another one:  our card/letter garland.  I bought :
Clothes Pins: $2.37
Bundling Twine: $3.50
Clearance Christmas Stickers: $2.99

This is TOO easy!  Just stick the stickers on the clothes pins and hang on the twine.  Could not be easier.  The stickers may not be strong enough, I might add some craft glue if necessary.

 Couldn't resist the scent of the cinnamon pine cones at Home Depot.  (I was LOVING walking through Home Depot looking for cheap craft things!  Both the clothes pins and the twine came from there.)

The second project I've been working on is Baby Block Ornaments.  I got the idea from a cute shop on Etsy.  If you want to buy these you can buy them from Elephant Tales on Etsy .  
The blocks I bought from SunBeem Designs, also on Etsy.  I got 12 blocks.

12 2x2x2 wooden blocks (these are real wood)
White acrylic paint
Arlene's white glue (dries clear)
Scrapbook paper - need very little
Screw eyes (Home Depot again!)
1. Paint all 6 sides white, let dry.
2. Sand the edges.
3. Pick one corner and sand flat.
4. Insert screw eye into flat corner and screw in.
5. Cut paper to just under 2" square - I eyeball it with my paper cutter.
6. Glue paper on to 4 sides.
7. Paint with glue over top.
8. Let dry.
9. Write on top/bottom as you wish.
Super fast and super cute!