Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pregnancy Recap

I always said I would NEVER post bare belly photos - so have no fear, there are NO bare belly ones.  But after all was said and done I did want to show the progression of the belly.

Pregnant and didn't know it! 10 days pregnant in San Francisco.
 9 Weeks pregnant - Jenn's Wedding
January 8th - 16 weeks pregnant - Larken's Baptism

January 27th - 18 weeks pregnant
Valentine's Day February 14th - 21 Weeks Pregnant
February 17th - 21 Weeks Pregnant - In Michigan for Homecoming

 March 11 in Fort Worth, TX - 24 Weeks Pregnant

March 27th - 27 Weeks Pregnant
April 17th - 30 Weeks Pregnant
Matching Maternity shirts!  Dr. LaNou and myself accidentally wore the same shirt to Grand Rounds.  April 26th - 31 Weeks Pregnant

May 2nd - 32 Weeks Pregnant
May 16th - 34 weeks 1 day  - on the way to the hospital!

See?  No bare bellies anywhere!  I actually think I look about the same size in the last few pictures - I definitely never reached the "popping" point.  My belly button got stretched out but stayed an "innie" the whole time.

Overall I really enjoyed the pregnancy.  The first trimester was nerve-wracking and stomach churning.  I lost 7 lbs during the first few weeks!  The second trimester was a blast - I finally LOOKED pregnant and felt great.  I only had a few weeks in the third trimester which weren't too uncomfortable.  The most significant thing was that I developed pre-eclampsia during the last week or so.  This meant that I was on bedrest for 2 days until they determined it was too dangerous to continue the pregnancy and Hannah needed to come out early.  The last 2 days of the pregnancy were scary enough to balance out the rest of the "easy" parts.