Friday, February 18, 2011

Milwaukee Mexican Restaurant Countdown Take 2

This is a continuation of my Mexican Restaurant Reviews for the Milwaukee area.  The first review can be found here.  This post is partly making me nervous for how many restaurants I've been to, and partly making me very hungry for some Mexican!!

11. El Matador.  Truth be told, I haven't been to this restaurant in years, not since I first moved to Milwaukee.  I went with Grandma and Grandpa Schneider.  I don't remember much about it but know that it is popular with some of the Froedtert crowd.  Will have to try it out again with Bry.

12. Burrito Bueno.  No link for this one.  I ordered take-out here when I was on-call at St. Joe's hospital.  I remember that they looked at me like I was crazy when I walked in there at 9pm in my scrubs, but anyone who can feed us good Mexican at 9pm is a winner in my book.  Not too much English spoken here.  The food was good, hot and ready when I came to pick it up.  Not sure if we'll get up there to eat again anytime soon.

13.  Jose's Blue Sombrero.  Been here twice. The first time Bry and I went on a date and I had the tableside guac (good) and the fish tacos.  The tacos themselves were tasty - but they put on a sauce that had fake smoke flavoring in it - I had to take it off of the tacos completely and I didn't really like it.  The second time I went with a friend and had the margaritas (good) - not sure about the entree.  I do recall enjoying their salsa and chips though.

14. Mi Cocina - there are a few locations for Mi Cocina - one in Brookfiled and one in New Berlin.  Been to both multiple times.  Love love love this place - everyone is happy when we go there.  Margaritas are good, and I especially enjoy their specials.  I try different things here - moles and the beans are very good.  They make some MONSTER burritos that my dad and brother like - more than enough for 2 meals.  They are owned by the same people as

15. Senor Luna. I've only been to the one in Grafton.  That one had a small dining area and I don't think I had margaritas that time.  To be fair, it was a while ago and I don't remember a whole lot from the trip.  Guess I'll have to go again!

16. La Estacion. This restaurant is in an old train station and even has train cars that you can eat in or book for groups!  Super fun place.  Very good food - excellent Margaritas.  I went here first for an interview night and had the mole chicken.  I'm sure Bry had an enchilada, per usual.  Good chips and salsas, decent prices.  If you can navigate downtown Waukesha this is a good restaurant.

17. La Fuente Bluemound Road This is a great addition to the Wauwatosa restaurant scene.  They have re-done the old Frank Monreal's place that used to be here.  There are 2 huge dining areas and a large bar area.  The dining room area has 2 fountains - the kids love it.  We went here with some friends and dinner was complicated by lots of spills from the boys, and time outs to check out the fountains.  The food was good and we split some margaritas.  We will be going back here.

18. Mi Suenas: A new West Allis addition within walking distance of our apartment!  This was opened by a former employee of Frank Monreal's.  We went the first week they were open (Jan 2011) and had an excellent dinner. The atmosphere is very nice and there is a large dining area.  The 'ritas were SUPER strong (a plus in our book) and they had 3 kinds of salsa to try. The salsas weren't very spicy at all but the green salsa was very tasty.  Our food was excellent.  I had fish tacos again and they were awesome.  Bry had a combination plate.  There were some (sick, sad) souls there who ordered hamburgers and fries as they have an American Food section on their menu as well.  TRY THEM OUT!!! 7335 W Greenfield Ave in West Allis.

I know I should probably have 20 posts but I need to dig around and make sure I don't duplicate any.  I've got some more places to check out - let me know if you have any suggestions.

Update: On the previous post I wrote about our little neighborhood haunt Las Fajitas in West Allis.  Well they had a fire in the kitchen back in December and they are still closed.  We are very sad as we liked to go there right before/after church. 

Also - this weekend we're going to Michigan to visit Abi's parents.  When we get back there should be some new knitting pics as Abi plans to do some serious knitting in the car.


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