Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finally Photographed

 I am finally getting around to photographing and posting some long finished projects, as well as a few new ones and one work-in-progress.
Three Button Hat
based on the pattern Robin's Egg Hat by Rachel Iufer.  I modified it a little bit.  I haven't worn it yet but it will make it into the hat rotation for these last (hopefully few) weeks of winter.  The buttons are from a selection of buttons I bought at an antique store.

 Not sure if I already posted this, but this was my first attempt at sewing - a little too ambitious probably.  But I like it anyways.
 I posted about this sweater a little while ago.  I LOVE how it turned out.  The yarn is ShiBui Knits yarn that I bought in Portland. This weekend I tried out a new yarn store in Milwaukee, Ruhama's where I made the fortunate discovery that they stock A TON of ShiBui yarn.  This discovery, along with their other amazing offerings, were unfortunate for our bank account.  I actually only bought ONE skein of yarn - to make a scarf for my good High School friend, Abby.  She watched me aimlessly bouncing back and forth between the aisles and was probably a little concerned for how crazy I get in the presence of that much amazing yarn.  Happily, she asked me to show her how to knit - her first attempt looked very promising - it couldn't hurt that she was knitting with some incredible Manos del Uruguay wool in a lovely color scheme - purples and yellows. 

 Easter Dress
Here is a preview of the finished dress I made for my niece, possibly for Easter.  I'm not too sure of my sizing - it may be way too big for her.  But at least it's pretty.  My mom helped me with most of it and I finished it up just yesterday.  I am trying to hold back from starting another little dress project - but I've been so inspired by Alicia Paulson's Blog where she makes adorable, simple dressed and matches them with some cute knitted sweaters and vests.  I have a ton of ideas waiting to be out, Liza.

This is a preview of the sweet cotton sweater that will go with the dress.  I also have some tights for it and will be knitting little slippers as well.  The sweater pattern is another Bergere de France pattern from pamphlet No 156.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss Eco Baby.  

As for life, Bry and I had a terrific weekend with Abby and Mike - fun at the Bucks game and at dinner beforehand.  We also hit some bars downtown afterward - pretty crowded given that it was snowing and cold out that night.  We played some Ticket to Ride as well and had a lot of laughs.

Can't believe March is already here.  Bry will begin celebrating his "birth month" on Tuesday so I am bracing for that.  I transition to Pediatric ER on Tuesday so I only have one more day of delivering babies to go.  

Have a great start to March.  Lion or Lamb?


  1. Love the hat, Very cute dress. can't wait to see the sweater that will go with it.

  2. So cute!!!
    Don't you love Ticket to Ride??