Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mexican Get Away

 Enjoy these photos of the sunglasses - both pairs were soon to be lost.  One to the depths of the ocean, the other to wherever-the-heck-Bry's-phone-went.

 Friends and Family of Bry - have you EVER seen him reading a book like this??  I haven't - not in our 4 years together. 
This was basically what our day consisted of:
1. Wake Up
2. Go to Spinning Class with Daniel "Aribe!!"
3. Get showered
4. Go to buffet breakfast.  Order Mimosas.
5. Change into swimming gear.
6. Pick out beach chair.  Get drinks from bar.
7. Read/Knit/Drink
8. Go for a dip in the ocean.  Listen for whistles signaling sharks or rough waters (recent shark attack nearby......eerie)
9. Get back in chair.   Get another drink.
10.  Think about applying sunblock. 
11. Get lunch - usually buffet. With margaritas.
12. Find another beach chair.  Get another drink.
13. Watch the funny games at the pool.
14. Go inside, shower, relax, watch some !!CABLE!!!
15. Walk around, go to the bar.  Get another drink.
16.  Figure out where dinner is - buffet or sushi or a fancier restaurant.
17. Eat those yummy peanut things at the bar.
18.  Go to dinner. With wine.
19. Go to a show - with drinks.  Good selection of shows, very talented dancers.
20.  Go to bed.
21.  Repeat.

To be fair, we probably left out a few drinks........

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