Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cancun Take 2

 A view of the Resort.  Gran Caribe Real Resort.

 This is a magical drink known as a Beachcomber.
This is probably how Bry saw me most often......Beachcomber in hand.

I have a feeling these photos will incite jealousy and rage seeing as Wisconsin has recently been hit again with some snow.... but at least Bry and I have healed from our sunburns.

I am busy finishing up some knitting projects - one sweater and a few hats are done.  My other projects are some Save the Dates and a Bridal Shower Invitation that I'm working on - will post those on the apannounces page when they're done.

This little cutie is the daughter of an Anesthesia Resident I am working with.  She needed a smaller sized hat since this baby's noggin is a little bit smaller - and this hat was done in less than 2 hours.  Turned out super cute - and she's a doll too.  Thanks for the photos, Stacy!

Almost done with Labor and Delivery.  Did a solo delivery yesterday which was really neat (solo meaning I was the only one catching the baby and everything!) and I think I'm going to miss this rotation a little bit.  I liked OB/Gyn as a student, and considered it for a career, but realized I would miss my old guys and the kids too.

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  1. Love the cancun pictures. What a cute hat and baby modeling the hat.