Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Milwaukee Mexican Restaurant Countdown Take 1

Last night Bry and I had a craving for some good old Mexican food.  It's one of our favorite types of food - something we can both enjoy.  Bry ALWAYS orders the enchiladas no matter where we go.  Abi will either order the tamales (too fussy to make at home) or a house special that sounds good. 

Last night we happened to come across a 2-for-1 Margarita special at a local establishment on the way home from church.  Abi drinks lime, on the rocks.  Bry orders strawberry frozen.  Abi laughs at Bry.  So does the waitstaff.  After a few sips we're feeling good and start talking about our favorite Mexican places we've tried in Milwaukee.  We were able to come up with quite a few - and decided it would make a pretty good blog topic.  Here goes:

1. Cempazuchi. Located downtown on Brady street it's a little out of our way.  It's also a little pricier than we normally go for but it was a real treat when we went with Beth and Kiah.  The 'ritas were good and so was the food.  However, you had to pay for the chips and salsa which was a major disappointment to us (we loooove 'free' food!)  This place was featured on the Food Network even as a "Dive".  We would go back.

2. La Perla. The home of the "ride a red chilli pepper".  I often suggest this place for bachelorette parties because of the riding opportunity.  Excellent 'ritas, good food, nice atmosphere, cool outdoor seating (another plus for us).  One time I drove there from 'Tosa for lunch with Goossen and I got a little blitzed so she had to drive me back home - putting her stick-shift skills to the test!

3. Riviera Maya. South of downtown on KK, it's a little out of our way.  They have a myriad of moles that were terrific - I remember the pumpkin one as being especially tasty.  We have run into friends from Med school down there so other people know about this place too.  Again, no free chips, but if you want something a little different this place was awesome.

4. Margarita Paradise. As the name implies, Abi is a very happy camper when we go here.  It's on our side of town, just down HWY 100.  Excellent food, good chips, good salsa, good prices.  We get into a rut and go here a lot.  Not so good for outdoor seating though.  We really like this place.

5. Habaneros.  Let's just say they have an "Around the World" tequila special.  They also have a super cool wine cellar buried in the floor underneath a glass floor so you can walk over it.  The food is a little more high-end, but very tasty.  No outdoor seating.  AMAZING guac - made tableside.  It's the place where Abi first told her dad about Bry.  Awwww.  It's convenient for us.  We like it.  The same people also run a few other restaurants in the area that we are huge fans of.

6. Tres Hermanos.  A little more bar-like than other restaurants, this place has some amazing all-you-can-eat taco specials.  The drinks are good.  Abi had a great time here with some med-school friends one night, and actually remembers it.  Very tasty.

7. Senor Sol.  The place that prompted this blog!  A cute (very orange) restaurant just up the street on Greenfield.  Nice patio, delicious drinks, friendly staff.  They made my tamales extra spicy for me last night too.  We loved being the only patrons in there.  The chips come with 3 different salsas to try which is really nice.

8. Fiesta Garibaldi,  Delicious seafood entrees.  There are a few locations in the city - I prefer the one on Bluemound.  The only catch is that you have to sit in the BAR area to get some of their specials.  Very delicious.  Like it.  Will be back.

9.  Guadalupe.  Another close favorite.  Located on Bluemound with a nice patio we've had some pretty big parties here with some great pitchers of 'ritas.  The place used to be a nice Greek restaurant, but I'm loving it for my Mexican fixes.  Terrific chips, nice beer selection.  This is another of our go-to places.

10. Las Fajitas. Ok guys, this little place doesn't have it's own website.  (However, if you click on this link you'll see my review of this place!)  We used to walk to this restaurant all the time at our old apartment.  It's small, family owned, in an old car dealership parking lot so it always looks empty.  We have only had good times here.  There's usually a Spanish channel playing on the TV and one waiter/waitress.  Good lunch specials.  Good 'ritas.  They also get into the Milwaukee spirit and have "Fish Fry Fridays".  With rice and beans.  And coleslaw.  We've only tried this combo out once with Abi's parents and it was ok - but in the future we'll stick with their terrific Mexican specialties.  They have some nice options not found on other menus.  The chips are unique and way tasty, the salsa is super fresh.  We love helping out the little guys and will continue to eat here.  A lot.

Holy crap - only 10 done!  I'll leave this for the night and continue to work on the rest of this menu.

In knitting news I finished one hat yesterday and started another one this morning.  I also bought fabric to try out another little girls outfit on the sewing machine.

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