Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day!!!

Bry and I are celebrating our first SNOW DAY in a long long time.  We've got the taxes done, the house cleaned up and all of our finances figured out.  

Just about finished up a month in the ED.  It was a high learning curve this month - somewhat stressful but I love my crazy schedule.  I also like doing what I'm doing - I like the ED - a lot.  This does, in fact, make me crazy by definition.

I am now stationed in the Labor and Delivery area.  Yesterday I delivered a lovely baby girl.  It is a rare experience holding a warm, wet, squirming, screaming bundle (and not dropping her!!) - and being the first to take a peek and tell the parents the gender.  (SHE was a surprise baby!)  Mom did great too - I'm always amazed at the dedication and concentration all of these women show - and the crying bit at the it.  I haven't delivered a baby since June 2009 - lots and lots to remember.  I really enjoyed that aspect of the rotation - and this time I don't have to do C-sections, just vaginal deliveries.  Lately in the ED there has been a rash of "precipitous deliveries" or women who are about to "pop" right when they get to the ED - and who knows, wherever I'm working in the future I may be on call for deliveries at night too.  

Things have been going well for us too.  We've made it through the 4 weeks since the miscarriage - and are still healing.  Things have been really good between Bry and I, and we are so so thankful for the many wonderful friends who have helped us out:
  • Thanks especially to Katie and Amy for the talks and the wonderful ice-cream birthday cake. Katie your card was very welcome and I appreciate your wisdom and encouragement.  Amy - thanks for letting us cuddle Andrew and Kyle - we had a lot of fun at the museum. 
  • Thanks to Kristin for coming to Madison (even if you got paid for it) and for keeping our 24 year friendship going strong (also for BUYING ME YARN!!! I love yarn and am going to start a sock pattern today!) and for some awesome Afghani food on State Street in Madison (Kabul).
  • Thanks to Kelly and Bryan for bringing Addison up for a weekend in Wisconsin (in January).  We had tons of fun waking up to "my Georgie!" and the many episodes of Dora that we were forced allowed to watch.  It means a lot that you made the trek and put up with me working all weekend too.
  • Thanks to our Church family who supported us with prayers, cards and books that were really helpful.
  • Thanks to Heide for the relentless many phone calls and talks.  And for Lillie - nothing puts my life into perspective like a precocious 5 year old asking the difficult questions that adults are too polite to ask.
As we prepare for the SUPERBOWL our vacation to Mexico we look forward to some sand and sun.  I am looking forward to some reading and a lot of knitting.  Throw in some drinking and some guacamole and I may never ever come back.

Just a few photos from the past weekend:
 Kyle shopping at the Betty Brinn Childrens Museum.
 Addison reading.  Surprisingly this is NOT a Dora the Explorer book!
 Bry teaching Kyle some engineering.
 Kyle driving a grocery truck.
 Andrew fixing the plumbing.
 More engineering.

More driving.

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