Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2011

This will be held from March 28 - April 3 this year.  As I was not as avid a blogger last year this will be my first year participating.  I am hoping to be able to keep up with this, but I just checked my schedule and it's going to be a busy time......
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Sweater update:
I have been pleasantly surprised how fast this little Easter sweater is going together. I have the back done and the two fronts are almost finished and blocked. ( I am not an expert in blocking at all.  But these tiny front pieces were curling so much I thought I'd better block the pieces first.  Anybody have any blocking tips or websites to suggest?)

This is a scarf that I mentioned in my last post.  My friend, Abby, came to visit from Michigan last weekend and happened to be near a local yarn store that I had never been to.  Ruhama's is located in Whitefish Bay, WI, near another local favorite - Kopp's Custard stand.  Well this yarn store BLEW MY MIND.  I loved how it was organized, super friendly and helpful staff, terrific selection and a group of knitters sitting right in the store.  As I was accompanied by people who did not exactly share my passion for knitting, I refrained from joining in.  But Abby fell for yarn too, and we had a great time choosing a yarn for a scarf for her.  I agreed to make it - who wouldn't agree to work with some lovely Manos Maxima for free? 
by Joelle Halverson
Needles:  Using size US 10 to make the lace bigger as the yarn is a little less chunky.

March hat Preview:
I've been working on making 12 hats for my niece during her first year.  I think she probably will have a total of 12, but I skipped January this year.  I was considering making her a Leprauchaun hat for March, but I was afraid her father would have her wear it year-round.  So we're going with the never fail Susan B Anderson pattern.

by Susan B Anderson
Yarn: Arucania Pomaire Solid in Purple, Green and Undyed - cotton
Needles: Size US 7.

So there is my knitting update.

In life news, I'm in the Pediatric Emergency Room this month.  What a change from Labor and Delivery!  Yesterday was CRAZY - at least 30 people in the waiting room all night long.  This means that all the sick kids get brought in first - and I had a few sick little peanuts last night.  It is a rare event that a child gets intubated (breathing tube) - and I had to intubate within the first 3 hours of my shift.  Poor nuggets - I had a lot of long chats with parents about not-so-good diagnoses.  Lots to learn for me too this month.  On top of that I was in a different hospital with a different computer system, new nurses, new rules and patients that can't really talk............. I am hopeful that tonight will go better.

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  1. Hey, Thanks for coming and visiting my blog! I thought I would return the favor. I am a knitter who doesn't like to sew up seams and I always go for seamless. I'm liking your blog too! Very creative as well as showing a little bit about your journey in medicine! I'm excited about all the experiences that my husband will have when he gets into residency.