Sunday, July 11, 2010

First Sewing Project!

Since I have a terrible case of ADD I decided to add to my growing list of hobbies and try my hand at sewing this weekend. 
I am planning on making some new curtains for my bedroom once my mom finishes our new quilt.  I figured I might as well try sewing something before I make items for actual display.  I was checking out a nearby thrift store and they had 100's of patterns for $0.50 apiece.  They actually had some trendier patterns.  Since I like little projects for knitting, I picked up some baby patterns for the soon-to-be niece/nephews due in late August.  They had so many cute girl patterns but hardly any boy ones.  I picked up a simple onesie and some easy-looking girly shirt/shorts sets.

I finally opened the sewing machine I received for my wedding shower 2.5 years ago!  It was fun to set it  up, although I really hate threading machines.  It took me nearly 2 hours to be all set to try sewing something.  Then I had to figure out how to work with patterns.  Google to the rescue!  If you ever need to learn how to do ANYTHING, Google or YouTube has a video showing you how to get it done.  Google has saved me in the past on knitting projects too.

So here is the first sewn item:
A baby boy onesie!
Typical of me, I added some things and changed it around from the pattern.  It's supposed to have booties on it but it seemed a) too difficult and b) too 1980's.  The fabric is stretchy and super cute.  I'd like to make some more of this kind.  I do, however need to learn to sew a straight line first!

Here are some of the knitting projects I recently finished:
Woolen Hat for Bry's friend, Jason

There are more photos posted on Flickr, they should be available at the top of the blog.  You can click on them to see more.

Tonight I have an ER shift from 4:30 - 2AM.  It will either be crazy or really quiet.  Have a blessed Sunday!

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