Saturday, July 17, 2010

Madison "Knitting Tree"

We had our first dinner party at our new apartment last night.  Bonnie and James came over with their little girl and so did some friends of Bry, Joe and Julia.  We had a lovely dinner and a super fun card game of "Up and Down the River".  I LOVE playing cards and I don't think I've played since our awesome games in Manila.  Luckily for our marriage, Bry and I tied last night so we could go to sleep friends.

So today hubby and I went out separate ways.  He went with my dad and brother to watch car races up in Elkart Lake, WI and I went to Madison for the morning.  I was meeting up with Heide to attend the American Girl Doll warehouse sale there - they put limits on what you can buy so she needed me to be an extra set of hands to increase her limits.  Do I have a shopping addiction if I agree to go shopping for items that target girls ages 5-12 when I don't know any?? (Other than Heide's girls, that is!)  I was there with all the other "moms" and I just LOVE a good sale.  I found myself saying "that's a super deal!  I better buy this......or not."

Before the sale I decided to check out the Madison knitting scene.  I read on Susan B Anderson's Blog that she lives in the Madison area and shops at The Knitting Tree.  I couldn't resist.  I like to see all the bikers in Madison but I don't really like driving there....I always get lost and confused by all the lakes.  Thanks to the GPS I made it to the shop though and had some time to spare before it opened.  I figured it wouldn't be too hard to find a coffee shop in Madison and sure enough, there was one right across the street.  I perused my knitting magazine to give myself an idea of what I'd be looking for in the store.  The store was super  cute and had TONS of yarns.  It was a little daunting.  The storekeeper was super friendly and helpful.  I have been wanting to try doing socks so I got some needles and sock yarn to start my first pair.  Then I couldn't resist the Spud and Chloe yarn that they had.  The prices were a little steeper than what they are at my local yarn store in Elm Grove (The Yarn House).    Don't tell Bry, but I spent $XX.XX in only 10 minutes!!!  Luckily I get a paycheck in the next 2 weeks.....
This is the yarn I bought for my first pair of socks.  Again, don't tell Bry but I got talked into a special needle for making socks too.  I figure socks are one thing I can wear to work that I've knitted .... although I do have plans for a headband too.

This is some DELICIOUS looking yarn to make a baby girl something.  I've been a little boy-heavy lately so if I've got nieces coming I'd better get ready.....
This yummy cotton-wool blend is to make something for my mom.  She's working on a quilt for me right now so I figured I should return the favor.  The colors didn't show up super well, it's actually a light lime-green and a grey-purple.  It may sound strange but they work really well together.  I'll prove it.

That's about it for now.  Bry and I are babysitting for a 2 month old tonight and until then I'm relaxing with my yarn and a glass of wine.  Ah yarn, I want to be buried in you. 

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  1. these sock knitting needles are super's times like this i wish i only had one foot!