Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy Week

This week was our first really busy week since I started working.  I had 25 hours of work in by 1am on Tuesday!  Compounding that is that I'm still driving Bry around everywhere - although he's being a great sport.  He has taken the bus a couple of times - usually it's a bigger hassle than he wants to deal with.  I have seen some great things in the ER lately.  The other night I had 3 people with facial cuts all in a row - it's nice when my patients work together to make sure I learn something!  Then on Monday night I worked my first shift in Children's ED. That was a whole lot different from the adult side!  I had some really cute patients though.

My favorite kid I saw all night was the brother of a patient.  He was about 4-5 years old.  No front teeth. He looked like a werewolf!  And he was bouncing of the walls and driving his older sister crazy.  This is what happened when I tried to ask the sister about her illness:

Dr. Polzin: Have you had tummy aches?  Have you been throwing up?

Patient: I....

Kid: Um, excuse me....

Patient: ....have been a little sick.....

Kid: Um, EXCUSE ME!!!

Dr. Polzin: (to Kid) hold on a sec, buddy...

Patient:....and I threw up once yesterday.....


Dr. Polzin: (to Kid) ok, what is it?

Kid: Um. um.  yesterday, my sister, um, she threw up, um, and IT WAS GREEN!!!

Dr. Polzin: Really?  Was it green like your sticker? (Neon green visitor's badge)

Kid: Yes! And, um, um, aren't you going to write that down?

Loved it!  That pretty much made my night.  Poor kid had to go home though and miss the rest of the fun because I'm pretty sure his sister was going to strangle him.  He was a ball of energy.  Hilarious.
I also enjoyed the patients who said "buh-bye" to me every time I left a room.  Or the ones who said nothing at all.  That was even better.

Maybe kids every once in a while isn't so bad.  I definitely do not want to work with kids full time though.  It's exhausting!

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