Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Catching Up

Right now Bry is catching up on some zzzzz's.....it's not a normal Tuesday that he gets to take a nap in a recliner with Ghost Buster's playing in the background.  And we've been productive today too!  Thanks to the rain Bry got home by 1pm and we ran some errands - including signing up for a Gym membership.  The way I figure it, we only have to go 9 times per month to make it worth it.  We'll see how it goes. 

We have only a few scant boxes left.  Thanks to Emily, most of the unpacking was completed the first week we were here.  I need to take some pictures and get them posted when I have a chance.  Maybe tomorrow.  We still need to get some more furniture - who knew our bigger place would look so bare!  We need a computer desk/filing cabinet so we can be more like grown-ups and have an official filing cabinet.

We also made a stop at the local Farmer's Market.  The West Allis Farmer's Market is held on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and is located only 2 blocks from our place.  Today there was a lot less foot traffic due to the rain, but there were a few vendors out.  We got some grass fed pork chops, fresh peas, honey and a tomato plant for my Topsy Turvy.

In other news I've been recruited to help out at church with the new pictorial directory.  That will keep me busy in June/July.  I've been trying to finish up some knitting projects too.  It seems like I have more ideas than time though.  Right now I'm going to go start working on our Farmer's Market dinner so Bry can have some when he wakes up.  Then perhaps a trip to the gym???

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