Friday, June 25, 2010


Well we've had some interesting things going on the past couple of weeks so I'll update this old blog for all of you.

Last Saturday, June 19, Bry woke me up by having his first grand mal seizure.  It was pretty bad, and I had to call for an ambulance to take him in.  Luckily we are "known" in the ED and the resident who saw us I had worked with so we got in and out pretty quickly.  Everything was fine as far as labs and CT go, he probably had the seizure because he has been off of his medication for 2 years.  We're not sure why he had one now, but we have to deal with it.  Unfortunately he will not be able to work because he can't drive a car for 90 days from the seizure - September 17.  His work is being very helpful and understanding and they're going to try to find some things for him to do when I can just drop him off at work.  Until then he's going all-out-Milwaukee style and applying for disability!

I started being a real doctor last Monday, June 21.  I had two days of Trauma training and then got to meet all the other residents on Wednesday and Thursday.  I got my schedule for July and I have almost every Saturday off which is a nice luxury.  With Bry being off we'll be able to enjoy some summer activities which will be nice.

I have my first ER shift on Monday, July 5th.  This month I'll be working in both the adult and pediatric emergency rooms which will be interesting.  I haven't worked with kids for 2 years now!  I'll try to keep the blog a little more updated as we continue our busy lives.

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