Tuesday, June 15, 2010


If you follow us on here, you probably have already seen this throw-back photo, since you're probably on Facebook too!  It was one of the first pictures we ever took - in Bry's room in South Dakota.  (If you notice the dresser in the background -- that's the one that I just re-did!)  It seems like a long time ago
(3 1/2 years) and at the same time it's gone really fast.

We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary yesterday.  We talked about the wedding and what we remembered - it was a good time and we still get lots of laughs about it.  We went out to Ryan Braun's Waterfront Restaurant - what a good find!  The prices were decent and the food portions were huge!  We split an awesome entree of grilled shrimp, chicken, pineapple and bacon over onion straws.  I had an awesome grilled pizza and Bry had the special of pork ribs and chicken tenders.  Everything was delicious.
(We will leave the description of our Saturday night stay at Sybaris for a different forum.....this isn't that kind of site!  Although we did have some good stories to tell.....)

We have gone completely alcohol free here, after getting a little blitzed on Sunday.  We had a good time at Great Aunt June's 80th Birthday party - but were definitely feeling the effects on Monday.  So no more alcohol - and no more paying for alcohol and soda at restaurants!  Heide and I realized the other week that for the price of a Diet Coke at Olive Garden ($2.30) we could nearly buy a 12 pack ($3.00 on sale).  So we're a water only pair from here on out.  Hold us to it.

We are enjoying our first week as a solo married couple.  We're also enjoying hosting many guests including David and Heide and my Dad who is coming next week for the Twins v. Brewers head-to-head.

I'm still working on the photos of the new place.  We'll see when.......

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  1. a little blitzed on sunday?????? thats not how my mom described it :)