Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post Busiest Weekend Ever

Here's a photo from the day, in case you missed some pictures in the robe.  Emily insisted that I looked like Martin Luther.......I ignored her.
The day went really well.  We only had a 2 hour commencement service that (I was told) wasn't too boring.  Then we had an awesome fish fry at the Schwabenhof German Hall.  We also enjoyed some imported German beers, in addition to some Shandy.  Afterward we met up with the Brandt family and the kids got to swim in the hotel pool.
I got up early and picked Heide up for some early morning shopping.  Afterward I joined Judy and my mom at the house for prep work for the party.  Unfortunately Bry was not feeling very well so he didn't have a very good day.
The party started around noon and we had lots of help setting up.  The aunts and uncles were terrific helpers.  The kids had tons of fun with bubbles, crayons and chalk.  The adults enjoyed visiting and eating the sandwiches and salads that we had.  It was terrific to see so many people from all different parts of my life: Family from AZ, TX, WI, MN and WI, friends from High School and Medical School, new friends from Milwaukee.  It was awesome to see everyone.
I'll blog later about the baby shower on Sunday, which was also a hit.
Packing Update: Emily and I have the whole kitchen packed and cleaned and will continue to make a dent in the bedrooms and other places.  The living space is getting smaller, but the TV and cable are still intact!

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