Sunday, May 2, 2010

wedding weekend

We celebrated the wedding of Bry's good friend from high school this weekend. Josh and Rachael had a gorgeous wedding and we had a lot of fun. We got to host Bry's other good friend, Jason, who was awesome enough to crash on our couch for 3 nights. He was informed he will have a whole guestroom to himself when he comes back to visit us! But actually we owe him a visit in Denver, CO and will be super excited to see the house he just bought.

We finished our visit with Jason by going to Milwaukee Public Museum for a peek at the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit. The exhibit was pretty cool - the tiny fragments of parchment that have been painstakingly pieced together, translated and preserved were pretty impressive. There was also a pretty cool collection of Bibles on display along with the fragments. Pottery and other items from the region were also available, but I wasn't as in to those things.

We had lunch at the Water Street Brewery. I had their Bavarian Weiss beer and Bry and Jason tried the home brewed Root Beer. We splurged on some appetizers (onion blossom and mozzarella triangles) and then had sandwiches all around. Hands down my favorite thing was the homemade chips - potato, sweet potato and beet chips! Beet chips my sound weird, but they were super delicious. Jason had a good welcoming to Milwaukee and the weather was gorgeous.

Otherwise I'm still a knitting fool. I'm working on a few more projects and have been trying to limit my trips to the yarn store. I start Preparing For Internship tomorrow. The beginning of the crazy graduation preparation begins tomorrow too. The one upside to the end of my vacation month is that I get to see all of my friends. I also need to start studying for ATLS and will be bringing along the training manual and my knitting to the course. Luckily it only goes until noon everyday.

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