Friday, May 7, 2010

Honeypie Cafe

Honeypie Cafe was recommended to me by Alex and Tony - they frequented it about 3 times in 3 weeks right before Alex delivered Riley.  Since I had invited the pregnant pastor's wife, Bonnie, out for lunch I thought she'd enjoy it just as much.  We both had the pasty of the day - I had vegan vegetable and she had ham and cheese.  They came with soup or salad and we both had salad with a citrus-basil vinagrette.  Very delicious and pretty healthy too.  Then the healthiness disappeared when we stood in front of the glass case filled with made-from-scratch desserts.  Bonnie had Coconut Cream Pie and I had Pistachio Pie.  They were both delicious!  They both had a wonderful (unhealthy) grahm cracker crust that was my favorite part.  If I go back (I think Bry would like it) I'm going to try one of the amazing looking cupcakes.  The coffee was good too.

Last night was Senior Gala.  I had to find a different date since Bry was working late.  Shannon (one of the Philippines roomies) hadn't bought a ticket yet so I got to take her.  We had a blast at the Astor Hotel downtown and stayed out till 11.  I was the DD and had a great time with Megan, Caro and Shannon.

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