Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Shower

Well baby shower #1 was a success. Bry and I got back from MN late last night. The roughest part is when we have to drive separately from Tomah. It's not that far, but it's kinda boring.

We had a good time with Beth and Brandon. We enjoyed seeing their house - walls are up and a roof is coming soon. They're hoping to move in in July. We always have a good time with them.

During the trip I finished 2 sweaters and a hat - none of which I have with me! One sweater was for Pearl and so was the hat. She rocked the hat like a gangsta - wouldn't take it off! It was so funny when we were leaving Tomah because she totally wanted to come with us. She grabbed 2 bubbas (pacifiers), 2 markers, a ColorWonder book and walked to the door. She said "bubbye" to mom and dad. Then she looked outside and said "It's raining! Oh, but I have a hat!" She was so cute we almost DID take her with us. I'm trying to convince Heide to bring her to me on Friday when she comes to Milwaukee to meet with her friends.

This week I'm meeting with Amy and the boys and then having lunch with Mara on Wednesday. I haven't seen her in forever so that will be nice. Then on Thursday I have the final financial aid "exit interview" where I will come to cold, hard grips with my dire financial state. We've got a wedding this weekend - Bry's good friend Josh is marrying a cute girl - Rachael. We're excited for them and excited to have another boring married couple to hang out with.

Then this weekend marks the last of my lazy days. I start "Preparing for Internship" on Monday ----ick. I will definitely be bringing some knitting to that to help me survive!

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