Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Tuesday morning we all took it pretty easy.  Some of the girls were avoiding the sun due to some late "i'm-going-back-to-the-tundra-better-get-some-sun" burns.  Only poor Carol had to go into PGH.  We kinda lolled about - went to Robinson's Mall, ate a lot of eggs and toast and random other items to clear the fridge.

The evening was a bit more fun - we had another pizza party.  This time we ordered from Yellow Cab Pizza and it was SUPER good pizza.  Unfortunately, the only US branch of the chain is in Cincinnatti, OH.  Before, during and after we tried to finish off our liquor.  We also had another game of up-and-down-the-river that was fun.  Around 9 pm some girls headed to Ka Freddie's to hear a band that Schuckit told them about.  Apparently there was some on stage dancing and much frivolity - I've been forbidden to post photos......

I left for the Airport around 10:30.  Bry's plane was supposed to be in at 11:05pm and I wanted to be there and waiting. Just to give you an idea of the language barrier I will repeat my conversation with the driver:
Me: "Did you start the meter?"
Him: "Yes, Ma'am"
Me: "How long will it take to get to the airport?"
Him: "Airport?"
Me: "Yes, how LONG will it be to the airport?"
Him: "Airport, Ma'am"
Me: "No, no, what is the TIME to the airport?"
Him: (looking at the clock) "10:30, Ma'am"
Me: "Um, thank you."
Me: dead silence for the rest of the 20 minute ride.

So I get to the airport and I have to wait outside in a sea of others expecting loved ones.  Luckily, I was one of only 3 white people, and by virtue of being 5'2", also one of the tallest in the crowd.  It took Bry about 45 minutes to come out and I was so happy he'd kept it simple with the Twins baseball cap and matching sweatshirt - hard to miss.  It was good to see him and he got a glimpse of Manila at night - disappointingly though the traffic was surprisingly good.  We got home and he met most of the roomies and we went to bed.


  1. Hey Abi,
    I hope that you and Bry have an awesome time! What have you guys decided on doing?? I am glad that he had a safe trip and I hope that the long flight wasn't to traumatic!
    I am loving your blog. It looks like you are having fun and eating some delicious (and sometimes scary looking) food! I loooove those Dr. Fish. Do you think you can smuggle some back?? Also, I can't wait to see all of the little treasures that I am sure you got bargains on.....are you getting good at bartering??? Are you using your tall stature to intimidate the vendors?? ;)
    Once again, not much to report from your snowy homeland of WI. We are getting a few more inches of the white stuff today and it is supposed to get cold again this week (it has been fairly tropical lately....sometimes even above freezing).
    I am almost done with my public policy rotation (we get Friday off). I feel like this month flew by (like semi-vacation months tend to do I guess) and I am off to Cards at the VA next month. They just sent a letter telling me that to prepare for the rotation I should read ~40 CHAPTERS from Cecils and a 300 page book on cardiovascular physical exam......sooooo that probably will not happen......stupid VA.
    Anyway, I am sure you have better things to do than listen to me complain but I just wanted to check in. Have a wonderful and memorable time and we will have to get together soon!

    Take care,

  2. Glad that Bry is there safe and sound. Are you sure you want to come back to America? You'll probably miss being one of the tallest people around.

    Take care. Love you.