Friday, February 12, 2010


Today I had a lot of firsts at the ED.  In fact, I'm about to head back for more and I won't have time to blog before we leave for our canoe trip tomorrow at 6 am.
1. First attempt at CPR.  I always wondered what it would feel like to be doing compressions - and I knew that this pt wouldn't make it.  We ran 3 codes for a total of 21 minutes.  I loaded up Epinephrine, felt for pulses, listened to heart sounds and then I did compressions.  She died about 5-10 minutes after I was told to stop.  70 years old.
2. First ABG.  This lovely test requires you to stick a needle into the radial artery.  I got it on the first try and was pretty happy.  However, prior to that I was running around trying to find syringes, then Heparin, then cold water, then trying to figure out the pt's name.
3. First team-building exercise with Shannon.  While she skillfully extracted blood, I held the 4 vials that needed blood put in them.  She was warned that we would no longer be friends if she gave me a needle stick.
4. First status asthmaticus.
5. First electrocution.

I'm loving the activity and freedom that we have here.  I plan on getting some pictures for my files too.
The rest of the day was spent exercising, going to the mall, and purchasing tickets for Bry's and my trip to Palawan.  Now to figure out where to stay while there.......

The rest of the girls had a good day too.  Lots of OB clinic and Carol worked at the ambulatory medicine clinic (where the ED sends a lot of patients).

So we leave at 6 am with Al.  We should be back around 3 or 4 pm and we'll let you know that we survived Pagsanjan Falls.

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  1. Hey Ladies,
    It sounds like you guys are having some great experiences! Abi - now you are all ready to run a code next year!
    I LOVE this blog! It is so amazing to hear about all of the unique experiences that you ladies get to have! (The most exciting thing that happened to me yesterday was that I fell over while trying to scrape off my car. Note to self: heels+ice=bruises on your ass).
    Although I know you guys are working hard, it looks like you are getting a chance to get out and have some fun too. By the way, where are the pictures of "The Hobbit House"???? That is one bar that I really would like to go to!!
    Good luck on Valentines day....I hope that everything goes smoothly. Just know that I will be thinking about you back in the States......but not in a romantic way....unless you want me to. :)

    Love you guys and stay safe!