Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bataan Peninsula

This will just be a short post since I'm tired after the trip. We all enjoyed getting out of Manila and seeing the countryside. Briefly, we drove north of Manila and then west to the Bataan peninsula. We stopped in the town of Subic - former home of US Naval base and site of much fighting during WWII. We continued south to the area near Morong where we spent the night on a beautiful beach.

Tomorrow I will post about our visit to the Ayta tribe in the remote village of Kanawan. We've got lots of great pictures and video to share as well.

Our other activity was helping baby sea turtles, Pawikan, make the journey to the sea. Again, more details tomorrow.

Good night, Manila.

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  1. I want a baby turtle! Bring one back - I'm learning about service animals and I should be able to "lawyer" my landlord into letting me have one in my apartment under the Americans with Disabilities Act.