Friday, February 26, 2010

Corrigedor II

We got up early at 6:05.  We quietly got ready to go so the roomies could get some sleep on their last day.  We left for the ferry around 6:45 and this time Bry saw Manila  in daylight.  The street-folk didn't disappoint and he got the full feel of morning in a developing country with whole families eating breakfast on the sidewalk.  The traffic was a bit crazier this time too.  We got to the ticket place just after 7 and then waited for the boat to leave at 8 am.  (They say to be there at 7 so that people on "Filipino Time" will show up by 7:45.)

Bry enjoyed the boat ride and got to see just how big Manila is.  The skyline is HUGE - like if you took downtown Chicago and stretched it out for over 5 miles.  Awesome.  As we got out further we could see the smog line too. The rest of the boat ride we spent outside on the back of the boat, enjoying the view.

Arriving at Corrigedor is pretty neat.  It was once a US base - a pretty sweet gig before the war.  They said over 15,000 US and Filipino troops and Civilians once lived there.  Our guide was again Steve - the same on I had before.  He was terrific and we were happy to join his tour.  Well, Bry was, anyways.  Who could have guessed that the first day I see my husband he finds a history loving - conservative - Twins baseball fan --- in the Philippines???  Bry and Steve hit it off and they had a wonderful "date."  (Abi nearly asked where Mrs. Steve was so she could have someone to talk to too!)  Bry really enjoyed the whole tour, and a lot more sank in for Abi her second time around.  Got some great photos because there were hardly any people there to ruin my shots.

After the tour (with lunch and a light-and-sound-show in Malinta Tunnel) we headed back to Manila.  Bry got to meet the Roomies and Abi got to pack her big suitcase to send back with them.  The roomies were split about where to get dinner so 3 went to TGI Fridays and 4 (Bry too) went to Kashmir - our new favorite Indian restaurant with the best Mint Chutney in the entire world.  We had a relaxing time and then walked Bry through PGH grounds.  I took him into the ED just to see it - his eyes said it all.  He was a little shell-shocked from all of it - the filth, the beggars, the cracks in the sidewalks and roads, the population - and we realized just how natural it had all become in the past 4 weeks.  Bry hit the hay around 7:30 and Abi stayed up until 9 to say goodbye to the roomies.

Girls - it was a great month and I enjoyed staying and traveling with all of you.  We made a great team and a lot of great memories.  Anybody who wants to play Up-and-Down-The-River just give me a call!

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