Saturday, February 27, 2010

Palawan - Day 1

We made it!  We're in Palawan.  It is truly gorgeous - reminds me of the Big Island on Hawaii except larger and more mountainous.  We have already been able to see a lot and are having a terrific time.  My pictures aren't uploaded yet, we're focusing on our vacation, but I wanted to update the Blog a little bit so my mom doesn't alert the authorities......

The flight was short and sweet.  Of course, our taxi driver tried to cheat us - I asked to use the meter and he got pissed so he kept on adding cost to the trip - I could see him!  I was so mad at the end that I wanted to say something very mean, but I didn't want Bry to leave me so I reigned it in.  The domestic terminal is brand new and SUPER nice so we enjoyed our 2 hour stay there before the flight.

Palawan is a series of islands that just jut up out of the sea.  It's pretty incredible from the air.  The airport is a single runway and single baggage claim, pretty rustic.  We had a very nice reception from Joy from Kawayanan Resort.  Kawayanan means Bamboo in Tagolog.  The driver was very nice and Joy pointed out some landmarks as we drove to the resort.  We got a double bed with private bath and A/C.  The pool is super large and very nice - pictures to follow.  We dove right into the pool and had it all to ourselves on Thursday morning.

At 1:00 we were picked up for the Puerto Princesa City Tour.  We were joined by a very nice Filipino couple - she was a flight attendant.  We visited the wharf, the bay, a church, the site of an American massacre during WWII, a weaving place, Irawan crocodile farm, Irawhig Penal Colony and a large ranch overlooking Honda Bay. Yeah, it was a lot, and we kinda felt rushed to get out, snap a photo, buy a souvenir and get back into the van.  It took just over 3 hours so we got back to the resort in time for dinner.  We ate dinner right there in the resort and it was pretty good.  Bry was introduced to my dear friend, San Miguel Pale Pilsen.  He also became a fan.  We were feeling pretty beat so we hit the hay early on - around 7:30.  Not to worry - we had an alarm set and enjoyed almost 11 hours of sleep before waking up.....

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