Monday, February 27, 2012

It's A Girl!

Just thought I'd post about how I told various people about Penny being, well, Penny.

 1. So I actually found out the gender in the trauma bay after a night shift. (Isn't that how everyone finds out?) My attending is an Ultrasound whiz and gave me a quick scan.  The Trauma nurse was SUPER excited (she hadn't known I was pregnant) and was having a lot of fun with it.  Carrie (my attending) was 95% sure Penny was a girl so I quick went out and bought Bry some things to tell him when he got home from work.  I could hardly sleep! Bry was very excited (but thought it was going to be a boy) - his reaction was priceless!

 (Bry's color blindness helped me keep the suspense up - he had to READ the bib and pacifiers to get it!)
2. Cousin David and Heide (and the 6 kids) have been super supportive and are VERY excited for Penny.  They wanted to be surprised with a "gender reveal" party.  Now, we all know we aren't patient people so there was no way we could wait that long - but I put the effort in for them.  (It also helped that I knew the gender ahead of time....) We baked cupcakes, cut out the centers and filled with pink frosting.  Then covered them in gender-neutral-green and took them to Madison to meet up with the bunch.  Jesse, Lindsey and Lucas came along too (but they already knew.....) 
(FYI the restaurant we chose for this party was Buffalo Wild Wings - because nothing says "It's A Girl" like hot wings and fried foods!)
Sampling the cupcakes

3. For most close family they got a text message (we couldn't afford to bake and ship cupcakes all across the country!) No one really minded.  Now everyone just wants to know about the NAME.  That, my friends, will be kept a secret. (Mainly because we can't agree on one yet!)

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