Thursday, March 10, 2011

Post Night Shift - A week later

Well we had a Friday night date that could not be ignored. We insisted upon seeing each other and doing 1 fun thing together.  So Bry picked a restaurant - one of our favorites and we enjoyed a few beers with a terrific meal.  The Milwaukee Ale House is a fav hangout for all kinds of people.  There is  a large bar area, large indoor seating and (please be soon) they open up their awesome porch overlooking the river.  Last March my class OVERRAN this place - we had over 100 people out on the porch.  It was a needed night out and I even ran into one of my favorite 2NT Nurses, it was good to see Gillian again! 

Saturday I had to work again - although I liked the day shift for a little change of pace.  On Sunday we decided to head to Illinois to shop at IKEA.  We hadn't been back for about 8 months - and I still needed a desk - badly.  So we went to the mega center and Bry endured about 2 hours of shopping - which drives him nuts.  He hates shopping - and I LOVE looking around.  He doesn't see the "point" in looking at things that we don't need - and that's just the whole point in going shopping in the first place.  We came away with a nice desk and matching bookshelf - that already matches the other furniture we have in the loft.  Here is a photo of the desk:

During the week I had time to work on some crafty things - first up was these pictures that I got from my Great Aunt June.
One of them is a metal work painting from Mexico - my Grandparents bought it in Mexico to sell in their Mexican Import store in Phoenix, AZ in the 1970's.  I was going to spray paint the entire thing, but the hand painting details stopped me.  Instead, I just painted the gold frame silver to match better with my decor.  Now it is back hanging in the bathroom:

The other ones were from some original paintings.  I liked the watercolor technique in them, and they matched the new bedding we bought at IKEA for the guest room.

For now it's back to the grindstone.  I had a nice 2 days off - but had to switch my schedule from nights to days which made Wednesday less than productive.

Here I am going to completely ignore the Wisconsin political on-goings. If you want to discuss this Bry would be happy to go over it with you - I prefer to leave it alone!

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  1. Hi Amy. Thank you for the linky to the blogging week that I now will participate in. I didn't see that Rav convo, so thanks!
    I checked out your blog and really like all of your pictures. I am not great with a camera but I hope to put up some photos soon of all of my Rav projects, some stash yarn, and some pix of Boston. I especially loved and envied your trip to the warmer climate! It has been a long cold winter!.
    As for your projects, I too am working with Manos classica. I am using a yellow green variegated to make the Derry sweater from New England Knits. Thanks for leaving me a comment. Erin