Saturday, August 28, 2010


Lucas and Aunt Abi
Don't mind the creepy eyes - this was taken with Jesse's iPhone that flashes a blinding light just before taking a photo.  This is Lucas and me in our first picture.  He's in his THIRD outfit of the day and I'm in my SECOND outfit since he had peed on me just before this, then spit up all over his SECOND outfit.  Aaaaah, babies.  And this one - he's tiny.  All of his clothes are way too big - and they're the newborn size.  This is good for knitting though - quicker projects!  I started on a sweater vest for him for Christmas today.

We had a fun day with Jesse, Lindsey and Lucas.  They came over and we made homemade pizzas.  Prior to their arrival I had a blissful morning of coffee, chatting with Beth (old roommate),  cleaning and grocery shopping.  It was like I was a normal person. 

As the pizzas were cooking we had a mini photo shoot.  The lighting was my studio lighting that I bought.  We found a couple of keepers.

(Lucas's shirt says "Programmed to Love")

All said it was a good day.  Then we headed out to downtown for an Emergency Medicine get-together.  There were only a few residents there and some attendings and it was  a fun night with good food.  We called it quits early though since I'm on call tomorrow morning.

So I'm going to spend the rest of the night catching up on Project Runway and going to bed early in my nice, clean sheets that my husband is putting on my bed right now!

Oh yeah - since we were talking about how tiny Lucas is - I tried on my "not-fit-for-a-normal-human" sweater and IT FITS HIM!!  So cute (Lindsey says it's too girly or I would have sent it with him!)

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  1. The pictures look amazing - you get more professional with your "amateur" hobbies every day!

    My trip is coming up really quickly - three weeks from today I'll be flying home. I'll talk to you more about airport rides and other things when we get closer to the date.

    Have fun at work this week.