Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Softball is Over!

One way or another Bry is done with softball tonight.  He had a 7:45 game and if he wins he has a 9:45 game.  Otherwise he'll be home soon so I can see him before I go to bed.  I'm a little happy that softball is over - although I didn't mind enjoying the warm summer nights knitting and cheering him on. 

I had a blissful night home alone.  I got some knitting done and was able to make some baby announcements up too, as well as a Save the Date for my cousin.  I love it when I have little projects to work on.  I am currently watching a Milwaukee Public TV special on animal photographers so I'm also learning something non-medical. 

So for knitting projects here's what I've got going on:

1. Pink sweater for Liza - Christmas?
2. Blue sweater
3. Scarf for myself with Wisconsin grown Alpaca yarn from State Fair.
4. Lindsey's Pink Mittens
5. Tea Pot for Pearl

Relatively few projects, for me, that is.  I am going to try to get at least a few done this week/weekend.  Come Wednesday I'm a "free woman" - free from call that is.  I start a month in the Emergency Department.  I have something like 14 shifts for the month - a whole week of vacation!  Looking forward to the lighter schedule and catching up on some real life things.

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