Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Overnight Call

So I survived my first overnight call as a doctor - and so did all my patients!

The night was actually pretty slow and I was able to knit an entire baby hat during the day!  However, the early morning was a little more eventful and I ended up giving the hat to a pregnant STAT nurse who really helped me out with a complicated patient.  She's due in November with a girl so it was perfect!

I am really looking forward to getting my cameras back this week - I'm almost done with another sweater thanks to Bry's double-header softball games on Tuesday.

It's hard not seeing Bry for 36 hours at a stretch now - we've become accustomed to seeing each other and I kinda like him.  This whole living together alone thing is really nice!

Tomorrow I'm on call again for Trauma.  I doubt that a Friday night in August will be uneventful - plus State Fair started today.  Bry and I plan on going to the Fair on Saturday and Sunday.  We're also going to go to a Brewer's game on Wednesday - it's Stitch and Pitch at Miller Park so I won't be the only one knitting!

I will work on posting the photos soon - have a good weekend and stay safe!

(Please wear helmets on motorcycles and seatbelts in cars ALL the time!)

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  1. Hope you have a good time at stitch and pitch! You can't say nobody writes on your wall
    Love from,
    Jesse and Lindsey