Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year 2010

Lots of things are going to happen this year, and Bry and I are trying to figure out where we're headed and where we need to go.

Bry is struggling with work right now. Despite his new (polarbear-grade) boots, being on a river in December stinks, and next week they're losing the boat and are going to be WALKING on the frozen river --- with a rope tied around their waists! I think he's hoping that 2010 is a little bit more settled - he'll be returning to Watertown in April.

Tonight we're heading up to Green Bay for a NYE party with some of Bry's High School friends. They are having a white elephant gift exchange - and we've got some amazing gifts to give! We haven't seen a lot of these friends for a while now, so this should be fun.

January 2 Abi is heading to MI for a few days with Grandpa Schneider and Emily. I'll head back on Tuesday and get ready for my last interview on Friday. Friday night we're having our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party (UCSP '09) so I've got to shop for an outfit for Bry since this is the first one he'll be able to make it to.

The rest of January I plan on relaxing, packing and preparing for my trip. A week in Tomah is likely going to happen, and we're going to Minnesota too.

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