Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas List

Baking cookies - check. Beth and Alex came over and we made countless dozen cookies - four different kinds! Most are hidden in the freezer, but don't tell Bry or Jesse.

Wrapping presents - check. I think I have most of them wrapped and under the tree. No more should be needed....but I keep an open mind.

Tree - check. This one is easy. We have a 24" tree that is pre-lighted and about 15 sad ornaments hanging on it. That's about it.

Christmas music - mom, Bry is also a fan of Mannheim Steamroller and I am being subjected to listening to Christmas music. Every morning he changes the radio station in our room to a Christmas station and turns up the volume so that it blasts Christmas music.

Snow - a disappointing amount is on the ground, and it already looks crusty and dirty. We'll have to work on that before the 25th.

Christmas movies - Elf has been viewed in part at least twice so far. I watched some Sense and Sensibility by myself one day and think it may be time for a 6 hour Pride and Prejudice marathon soon. If only I had "Little Women" on dvd.....

House cleaning - about to happen tomorrow. Along with a Jillian workout to make up for the cookie baking/eating.

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