Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Google Boracay. It is an island in the Philippines known for having the #7 top beach in the world. It's small, only 3 miles long and 1 mile wide. AND WE'RE GOING THERE!!!!

Bry will be joining me in Manila on Feb 22. We'll leave for Boracay on the 25/26. We'll stay there until the 28th.

We're thinking about staying at Dave's Straw Hat Inn, enjoying the beaches and going snorkeling.

This is a popular tourist destination and should be a lot of fun!

Other news in our lives is not as exciting. Bry is still working long hours, Abi is enjoying 4th year immensely. She is done with her December rotation on the 23rd - she'll be off of "real work" until she gets back from the Philippines on March 1!

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