Friday, April 1, 2011

Knitting And Crochet Blog Week 2011 Day 5

Day Five: 1st April. And now for something completely different This is an experimental blogging day to try and push your creativity in blogging to the same level that you perhaps push your creativity in the items you create.
There are no rules of a topic to blog about (though some suggestions are given below) but this post should look at a different way to present content on your blog.

Happy April Fool's Day!  If you want to check out more great blogs type 2KCBWDAY5 into Google and visit as many as you can!

The ABC’s of Me… (idea from Roni's Weigh)

  1. Age: 27 - yikes.
  2. Bed size: Queen - would love to have a King eventually so Bry can stretch out - but he likes the Queen size.
  3. Chore you hate: Washing dishes by hand.  
  4. Dogs:  I am Pro Dog.  Bry is Anti-Animals-of-Any-Kind.  This has been a topic of discussion in our house recently as I want to get a kitten......
  5. Essential start to your day:  My 9 Point WW+ sandwich - a Bagel Thin, lunch meat, cheese and an egg.  Toast the Bagel - heat the lunch meat, cheese, egg and maybe some veggies in the microwave. Also - COFFEE.  In my new coffee maker!
  6. Favorite color: Green.  Look at the blog.  But I am also getting into the mustard yellow craze.  
  7. Gold or silver: Silver.
  8. Height: 5 feet 3 inches.  12 inches shorter than Bry.....
  9. Instruments that you can play: Piano, trumpet, some fiddling with guitar, drums, and there was the time I taught myself the clarinet.  Sadly I am away from all musical instruments right now.....
  10. Job title: Resident Physician in Emergency Medicine.
  11. Kids: None.
  12. Live: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
  13. Mom’s name: Jane
  14. Nicknames: Abi, Abui, Spike
  15. Overnight hospital stays: Appendectomy at age 6-7. Otherwise my hospital overnight stays have been while working - and there are a ton of those.
  16. Pet peeve: I have a bunch...... the proper use of turn signals being a big one.
  17. Quote from a movie: "And they're all as tall as Church steeples!" - Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  Some day I will do an entire post on why that is the greatest movie ever made.  Also, my husband is as tall as a church steeple, I think.
  18. Righty or lefty: Righty.
  19. Siblings: Two sisters, one brother.
  20. Time you wake up: Depends - I'm definitely a morning-person though.  I prefer to wake up and get started on my day.
  21. Underwear: Yep.  Love love love to buy new underwear - and new socks.  It just makes the day better.
  22. Vegetables you dislike: Not many.  I like most vegetables and I'm very open to trying new ones.
  23. What makes you run late: Nothing had better.  I get extremely upset if I am running late.  I usually show up 10-15 minutes early.  For everything.  When something messes with my plans I get pretty worked up.
  24. X-rays: Just a few.  My hand when I broke my finger in high school (right before prom!), a few chest x-rays for my TB testing, and a foot MRI when I thought I had a stress fracture.
  25. Yummy food you make: Comfort food - mashed potatoes, chicken, and I'm getting better at making Bry's favorite casseroles too.
  26. Zoo favorite animal: Lions. 


    1. Totally interesting blog post, I think I might have to make mine some kind of picture post, not sure yet! Hey what are you doing tonight are you working? Let me know maybe I can come over and we can Stitch & Bitch!

    2. We need this as a wild card idea for next year. Suggest to Eskimimi!