Monday, January 3, 2011


Here is some knitting.  I've been knitting a lot lately - hadn't felt like knitting for awhile so it feels good to get back into it.  This first outfit is one from Bergere de France no 156 Booklet that my mom bought for me. After we found out we lost the baby I couldn't bear to not finish it.  It turned out so well and it was actually pretty quick to finish.  The whole booklet is really cute and I can't wait to knit more -already started the next one!

Heide and I hit up the Target after Christmas sales and I found a ton of these cute little ceramic bird ornaments.  Even though we took down the big tree I thought it might be fun to keep a little tree up with the birds on it.  I'm going to go to Target again today or tomorrow to look for more.

This is the new knitting book that I got for Christmas.  I also got two new circular Addi Turbo needles for hat making.  Emily picked them all out - now I've got tons of mittens to choose from.  But the pair pictured below will be the first.....

This is the  yarn winder that I "inherited" from Great Grandma Platz and Great Aunt June (Nunnie).  I have really enjoyed being able to wind my yarn skeins without knots and hassle.  On it currently is some amazing baby alpaca that I bought from and ICU nurse where I work.  I may have to get back to here to buy some more.....

So now I've been busy relaxing.  I love the ED schedule - you work some days, then get some off, then work some evening shifts, it's wonderful!

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