Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Boy, old birthdays can really stink.

Yesterday was my 27th birthday.

I started it off at work - where I had to stay 2 hours later than usual.  Normally, this doesn't bother me but I had plans that day and getting off of work at 4 am wasn't supposed to be part of them.  I came home and had a beer before going to bed.

No one set an alarm.  No one woke me up.  I got out of bed at 10:00 - an hour later than planned, and awoke to a snowstorm.  Said snowstorm kept me from meeting up with my good friends who live about an hour north of Milwaukee.  One of them is now trapped with an ice cream birthday cake in her freezer, poor thing.  The other one is trapped with a croupy one year old (who started the whole day off on the wrong foot by getting sick and I'm not sure he didn't plan and orchestrate the rest of the disaster that was my birthday - lucky you're cute, Andrew).

So I stayed home.  With my mom.  First birthday that I've seen my mom in 9 years.  She is NOT invited next year.  We spent the day glued to the couch, watching chick flicks, crying, knitting/crocheting (ask her what she got done in 4 hours.....) crying, eating crappy soup out of a can, crying, eating a slice of cheesecake, and waiting for Bry to get home (late because of the snow).

At long last my knight in shining armor came, bearing gifts.  How sad is it that the first clothing items my husband has bought for me were sweatpants and a hoodie - just so I would stop wearing men's size XL or XXL sweatpants and sweatshirts!?  I warned him that the revealing nature of the form fitted sweatpants may be too much for him.......  Actually they are very cute and very very comfortable and I will be happy to make the switch to female sized clothing once again.

Hubby Magnifique then took me out to a new Mexican restaurant that was within walking distance of our apartment.  It was very good - and the house 'ritas were exceptional.  We both got a little drunk so it's a good thing we walked.  The walk in the snow was actually very pretty- but with the way my day had gone I couldn't be sure I wasn't going to slip/trip/fall and break something.  I didn't.  So we came home, chatted (drunkenly) with some birthday well wishers and called it a day.  And a year.  I'm officially quitting 2011 and you can meet me at 2012.  I'll be the one with the better luck.

Happy 2012.  353 days early.

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