Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Back

I'm finally back to work in the Emergency Department. It's been a few months - months of call (yuck) and doing a lot of inpatient things that don't really interest me. Much much better now. I especially like to work the evening shifts - I get "me time" at home during the day and still work at night. This weekend I'll get to spend my days with Bry and my mom who is coming for a visit.

Another big change this week is getting back on the Weight Watchers Wagon. I had really enjoyed this program last summer but got away from it while I was busy with residency. Now that I'm in a more settled scheduled (and a New Year) it's been nice to get my diet back under control. If you've never tried it before they recently re-did the program. There's a lot more focus on eating fruits and vegetables - in relatively unlimited quantities. For me it's almost like a game - fitting in what I want to eat with what I should eat - and limiting portions. The best motivation? Just 1 month until we head for Cancun. We'll be staying at the Gran Caribe Real in Cancun (see below).

As for knitting, I've been making progress on some hats and another sweater. I'll try to post some pictures soon. First I'm going to finish watching Season 3 of Bones with Emily and then head to work. Have a good weekend!

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