Saturday, April 10, 2010

Been Awhile......

I haven't blogged in a while, but on this beautiful Saturday morning I figure I can take some time off from knitting to update.
We've been pretty busy since I last posted. We found a new apartment and signed a new lease. It's only 2 miles from our apartment right now, but we're moving from 1100 square feet to 1900 square feet! Plus we gain an extra 1/2 bath and a washer/dryer in the unit. We're thinking it's a semi-permanent move - 3 years or so.
I've been knitting up a storm. We have 2 nieces/nephews coming in August so I've got plenty of gifts to make. I just got a new book so I can start making hats too - pretty excited for that. If only we had more $$$$ right now so I could buy some more needles and yarn.....
Speaking of money, we've been figuring out my student loan repayment, and it's not pretty. However I've still got to investigate a little bit to see what we're going to do. basically my whole salary will be going toward loans after the 6 month grace period is over.
Next week I'm traveling to Texas to visit Emily in Fort Worth and Aunt Judy Calvert in Dallas. I've already scoped out some yarn stores I want to hit up and will be taking along some projects that I need sewing help with. I plan on looking for some cool restaurants to take Emily to too.
In other news, Baseball Season has started and I have officially lost my husband to the TV/Computer and work until late October. Oh well, I guess I'll be busy enough come July.
Today I've been pretty productive - cooking for tomorrow's dinner, breakfast for Bry, cleaning the kitchen and working on a sweater for Pearl Brandt. If only my productivity would burn more calories! I need to get back on a workout pattern but I've been enjoying my lazy days at home - I know I won't have them for very much longer. I'm excited to get my schedule in the next couple of weeks. We have to ask for vacations NOW for next year. Bry and I have decided to dedicate February to traveling so we're going to plan a European vacation for next February. Greece? Southern Italy? We're also looking at Morocco too. I am really like Grandpa Schneider, I guess - always needing the next trip to look forward to! February is a pretty blah month for us so it's fun to spice it up a bit.
Hopefully I'll blog again before too long.

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