Monday, February 18, 2013

9 Months

 We've just returned from a trip to Nevada.  We stayed with some terrific friends, Kristin and Andy, who opened their house and casita to us.  They went so far as to borrow baby items for Hannah which she thoroughly enjoyed.  She also discovered cats - Keno and Sammy were very entertaining, although I'm not sure that they felt the same about Hannah.

We took a day trip to California and went to Death Valley National Park.  Hannah got her first stamp in her National Parks Passport.  Leave it to us to get to the hottest, driest, lowest place in the US only to find it 50 degrees and raining! We need to visit it in the summer to get the full effect as it was kind of lost on us.

 At Red Rocks outside of Las Vegas. 

 Hiking at Death Valley.
 Badwater Basin - lowest point in the US.

9 Months
Weight: 16.06 Pounds (25%)
Length: 27 inches (25%)
Head: 44 cm (50%)
Words: Screeching like a hawk, giggling, occasional "ma" and "ba" sounds
Activities: She loves jumping in her jumper (looks like an Irish Dancer), no crawling yet but she still enjoys being in the tub.  Notices Mom and Dad more often and is quite upset when they leave the room.  
Foods: BABY CHEETOS - aka "Puffs" - she will eat them by the fistful!  She hasn't found food that she won't eat yet but she does love fruits.

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