Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas 2012

A Baby's First Christmas

1. Wrapping paper is awesome.  I chew on it until it's soaking wet and pieces are coming off.  Doesn't get any better than that!
2. Great Grandpa's are awesome.  They come and visit all the way from Arizona and like to play with me and take pictures of me with an iPad.
3. Christmas dresses are yucky.  I had a couple dresses and had to wear both of them with ruffle-butt tights.  Yuck.
4. But Daddy's are awesome.
5. Christmas trees a fun to look at.  Bright lights and ornaments make for some pretty good entertainment.
6. Families are awesome.  We watched "Home Alone" which is Dad's favorite movie ever and I thought of how much fun it was to spend Christmas WITH my family.
 7. Presents are also awesome.  When you get the wrapping paper off, turns out there is crinkly, colorful, fun and tasty stuff inside.

8. Grandpa's are awesome.
9. Cousin's are awesome.  I spent Christmas with two of them.  One was noisy and ran around and I watched him a lot.  The other one was tiny and quiet and I grabbed his feet.
10.  Christmas was awesome. Let's do it again!

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